Warehouse sale in Abu Dhabi is expected to hold this year despite the economic slowdown, as new supply plugs a gap in the market. The shortage of proper quality warehouses has led to the expansion of existing warehouse projects.

This article will point out why investing in a warehouse represents the best alternative to the luxury market. It is important because one needs to know how efficient and profit-making the investment will be.

Before the selection process for the location of the warehouse, it is essential to find out all the details of the property, document them, analyze them and compare them side by side with all other available options. After thinking through and analyzing everything one can be able to come up with a proper decision.details-property

Below are five criteria’s that need to be kept in mind while selecting a warehouse location.

  • Taxes and Rent: The primary factor to keep in mind when it comes to selecting a right location for a warehouse is the cost and the budget. While keeping in mind the rate, we also need to keep in mind how the tax structure of that area is and if any incentives need to be paid and also government programmes that help to promote the industries could be kept under consideration as well.
  • Roads and traffic flow: It is essential to keep a lookout for the availability of proper roads and highway which is the primary concern when it comes to transportation.  This is important because an adequate functioning for warehouse is handicapped without its trucks and vehicles that will help in the transportation of goods and services.
  • Markets & Local Environment Factors: It automatically becomes more comfortable and time-saving if the suppliers and local markets are near and it should be kept in mind before purchasing a location for a warehouse. The area of the warehouse should be near suppliers, markets, and consumers so that it can reduce the cost of transport and give easier access to customers as well. As far as the local environment is concerned, it is important to check if the area is prone to any natural disasters or calamities so the correct precautions and insurance can be taken.
  • Proximity to airports, ports, and stations: In case the goods in the warehouse need to be sent to a location that is unreachable by modes of cars and trucks, it is important to have airports, ports or stations nearby. If not, then one should quickly explore facilities that will help them send their cargos quicker to the airport or stations.  It is probably for the best to be as close as possible to the most predominant transportation to control the drayage costs.
  • Utilities: There needs to be a way of double checking utility depending upon the needs of the warehouse, for example, a refrigerated warehouse will need more water supply and electricity. One significant and important efficiency that most people overlook is internet services and if the building is adequately wired for such amenities. In this day and age, the internet is so vital, and people need to be connected and aware of all the things that are happening around.  It helps in the growth of clientele and advertising the warehouse and its services. power-poles-upper-lines-power-lines-high-voltage-47307

It is crucial to understand and analyze the needs of the warehouse so that it can be built with a proper strategy and proper planning. The result of a right warehouse will only result in profit and better business. Hence before purchasing one, it is important to see that all the boxes for the needs and wants of the warehouse are ticked.

When looking at investing in Warehouses, consider the below factors:

  • Flexibility: The versatile nature of a warehouse is that it can easily be converted into a showroom or a retail space, or be used as an office space. Manufacturers have the liberty to transform their warehouses into a production base for their goods or to sell their inventories. The great thing about a warehouse is that it can have multiple purposes and can be modified according to one’s needs and wishes.
  • Stability: Nowadays there’s a continuous need for storage spaces, the volume of transactions in storage spaces are an all-time high, the rental price index has maintained a balance between both the investors and the manufacturers. The price range depends on the natural environment and the area where it is situated. The need for storage spaces in Abu Dhabi has increased and is in high demand. Hence the price has also increased for both renting and purchasing. But even though the rate improves the balance between the buyers and sellers on reasonable levels.
  • Multiple Sectors: One of the leading industries especially in Abu Dhabi is the food and beverage industry, and that leads to the increasing demand for warehouses. This sector experienced a wave of growth mainly because of increasing numbers of population and the ever growing flow of tourists. The main reason to choose to build warehouses in Abu Dhabi as the place for flourishing wholesale and retail trade is that of its incredible infrastructural benefits, services rendered by the government, and facilities available at all ports and airports. And of course, the industrial trade is becoming a vital reason for the importance of warehouses. Because of this, the government is also providing its support in the emergence of warehouses.
  • Easily accessible: If the warehouse is situated near the place of work then it is more comfortable and more accessible for a smooth running of daily business transactions. It helps to minimize costs and offers the convenience to move the goods efficiently.

Warehouses are extremely important these days, and hence it’s even more crucial that we fully understand all the complications that come with it before we commit to an investment like that. It is a lot of hard work that needs proper analyzing, ethical decision making and sufficient budget. Hence before coming up with a warehouse or scouting locations for one, one should properly research and document everything that is necessary.

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Nairobi’s Real Estate prices have been on a continual rise of 25 percent since 2011. It has also been voted for as one of the top 10 cities to watch by the global real estate firm, Jones Lang LaSalle, out of 150 cities globally.

According to the Cytonn Real Estate review report, the sector recorded rental yields of 9.6 percent in retail, 9.2 percent in commercial office and 5.2 percent in the residential sector, resulting to an average rental yield for the real estate market of 8.0% compared to 7.8% in 2016.

With monthly website visits of approximately 2 Million per month and 200,000 monthly returning visitors on the Jumia House website, our platform has firmly established itself in the Real Estate Industry in Nairobi and Kenya in general.

According to the Jumia House analytics,

Most of the clients visiting our online platform are looking at the prospects of renting houses rather than buying of homes. This can be as a result of the increase in the population of Nairobi County, which stands at approximately 3.5 million according to the Nairobi City County website.

In December alone there was a total of 63.12% searches on the Jumia House platform by individuals seeking to rent apartments as compared to 36.88% of the individuals looking to buy flats.

The trend for renting in Nairobi is still at a steady pace as seen by the 62.76% searches for rental properties within the Nairobi region.

Our prime residential neighbourhoods according to our data is Kilimani (9.51%), Lavington (9.31%), Karen (8.66%), Westlands (7.70%), Kileleshwa (6.60%), Langata (3.70%), Parklands (3.29%), Syokimau (2.90%)Runda (2.60%) and Ngong Road (2.30%)

According to our Key Account Manager, Kilonzo Kivuitu, “These areas are leading because there is good infrastructure-roads, good sewerage systems, and ample security due to the numerous police stations in the area, furthermore, the finishes in the houses in these areas are exquisite.”

Other cities according to our analytics which are coming up in terms of demand of housing include; Kajiado, Mombasa, Kilifi, Machakos, and Naivasha just to mention a few.



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Eden Heights

Eden Heights

Eden Heights Realty is one of the unique real estate agencies in Nairobi, combining hands-on experience and highly developed professional networks with a personal touch that is unparalleled in the field.

With a team of 15 qualified professionals, Eden Heights specializes in Sales & Rentals, Property Management, and Valuation industries exclusively in the Lavington area.

With its experience on a wide array of properties, the company can tailor its services to your needs and create Real Estate solutions that work as required.

What is your target market and how would you say online house hunting has affected your business?

Currently, there are about 21.5 million mobile data subscriptions in Kenya; this accounts for 99 percent of all the Internet subscriptions in the country.

According to latest statistics from the Communication Authority of Kenya, there is an increasing demand in the usage of smartphones and data has been substantially driven by a growing number of tech-savvy, middle-class consumers.

“Our main target market is usually but not limited to mid and high-end income earners seeking to rent houses along the Lavington area,” states Eden Heights Sales Director, Evone Selvarajah.

The current demand in the Kenyan market is by consumers who are looking more into renting houses, especially individuals from the Expat communities. However, the need for buying properties is also steadily on the rise.

What has your experience with Jumia House been?

Since entering a partnership with Jumia House, we have received a boost in our business through acquiring leads on our properties listed on their website. Jumia House has provided us with excellent customer service experience, and we look forward to a positive partnership with them.

What are your thoughts on the recent announcement by the Government to set aside 73Bn towards Konza City Development and other special projects like Lapsset?

Despite all the political uncertainties that the country faced in 2017, the tourist numbers grew by 10 percent, with 1.47 million people visiting the country as compared to 1.34 million visitors the country received in 2016. “Through this initiative, the Government is creating a platform for the country to get positive reviews and also continually increase the tourism status for our country. It will also provide a continuous positive platform for development for the country as a whole,” states Evone.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

“Our main goal is that we plan to expand our company into other regions of Kenya such as Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu. Other than this we also would like during this period to empower Kenyan University students through training and internships and later absorbing them as employees; this is because we have noticed that there is a lot of opportunities but lack of well-trained individuals to take on these tasks.” States Evone.

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Hashtag symbol

Hashtag symbol

“Most businesses are using Social media to promote their services, with thousands of images being published every minute across all social media platforms, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. The possibility for your post to be seen isn’t promising unless they are one of your followers. That’s where hashtags come into play,” says Ujenzi Plan’s Lead Consultant, Paul Nyamueya.

Hashtags are words or multi-word phrases preceded by the # symbol, such as #pickoftheday or #sweepstakes. In the current day to day use of Social Media, people search for posts with a specific hashtag as they help in content categorization, making it easier and time efficient for the end users.

Types of Hashtags to use:

  1. Content Hashtags: These are the tags one uses that are in line with one’s product, service, market or area of expertise.
  2. Trending Hashtags: The use of existing hashtags has grown as a popular use amongst millions of users, you need to be wary if your post will be adding value towards the existing conversation.
  3. Brand-specific Hashtags: “To cancel out the noise from the crowd, one can instead use a specific hashtag for purposes of general branding, promotions, events, contests or other marketing campaigns. This makes you more relevant.” States Paul Nyamueya.

How to Use Hashtags in Your Posts

You add hashtags to your tweets, pins, or posts by using the pound symbol (#) followed by a word or phrase that defines the Tweet’s topic.

Don’t use any spaces in your hashtag; if you need to use more than one word, simply run them together. If it’s hard to read the meaning of the phrase without spaces, you can capitalize each word. For example, #ThrowBackThursday and #ElectionNight are examples of popular multi-word hashtags.

Hashtags don’t have to be about a topic; they can also encapsulate a mood in your post. For example, if you post about winning a prize, you could use the hashtags #soexcited and #winning!

Beware of using too many hashtags!

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Smart home

Smart home

Why not invest in a modern house?

Modern homes have a very distinct difference from the rest; equipped with the best smart gadgets!

Internet of Things (IoT) simply put is the ability of two or more mechanical devices, uses an internet connection, to link together. This enables them to communicate with each other effectively and efficiently.

Home gadgets ranging from thermostats to ovens have become smarter, using sensors, data, and cloud computing to set ideal temperatures or cook a pizza according to your specifications.

Other evolutions in smart homes include the recent introduction of a bath tab that gives its users the “feel” of weightlessness, mimicking the natural position as experienced by Astronauts in outer space when they float in low gravity conditions.

Health and your home

The latest trend in this industry is the introduction of gadgets that not only make a living in your home extraordinarily comfortable but gadgets that help monitor your health as well.

Recently, Sleepace a company originating from China created a smart sleeping solution it calls DreamLife which uses non-wearable sensors in the bed and mattress to monitor your sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement, and sleep cycles. Later on, an app then scrutinizes the data to provide guidance on achieving the best sleep.

Another company that is participating in this latest trend is Awair, which is in San Francisco. The company has developed a smart home device that assists you to breathe easier by checking air quality. The device analyses chemicals, dust, humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide to provide an air quality score.

This device offers recommendations to improve air quality and tracks changes over time. It also works with other smart home devices such as a thermostat to make tweaks to increase air quality.

With technology continually growing, and increased internet bandwidth, numerous responsibilities -the time has never been so right for the IoT to be more advanced and find its way into more and more of our daily routines.

We at Jumia House believe that introduction of these new gadgets are making lives safer and more comfortable. At the same time, going tech savvy makes our new homes greener and more efficient.

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Outside look of Juja South Estate

Outside look; Juja South Estate

Why not make your first home your first Investment?

Introducing Developing Afrika Limited (DAL), a private limited liability company undertaking investment opportunities in various fields. Majoring in Real Estate Development, Joint Ventures, Public and Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Development.

DAL seeks to deliver the best affordable products every so often and to be part of the success story of our customers owning homes and investments.

Their latest development, Juja South Estate, provides you with a prospect of owning your own meticulously-designed home in a secure gated community in the refreshing and natural landscapes of Juja. Designed for the family with the need to live in a quiet, serene and spacious environment, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is indeed the pride of Juja.

This 1st Phase comprises of 32, three and four bedroom townhouses and 80, two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses.

In the spirit of love, DAL is giving Valentine’s Day offer of KES 4.75M for 2 Bedroom apartments for the first 10 buyers, which is open for viewing on the 10th of February 2017.

As Russell Sage once said “Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.”

Development Afrika Ltd

Development Afrika Ltd

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