Photo courtesy of pexels

Photo courtesy of pexels

While the Real Estate Sector is a very lucrative industry to venture into, most of the new agents and developers are usually not fully equipped with some digital media skills to grow their business. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise when one comes across a Real Estate site that has some substandard and listings of properties. Currently, in Kenya, there are over 200 registered active agents and over 350 property developers. This makes the industry a very fierce marketplace and if not keen or aggressive, one might quickly go out of market. New entrants in the Real Estate market do not, therefore, take much initiative when it comes to submitting good ads. Some of the common mistakes we deal with from agents include delivering poor quality photos, lack of clear description of their properties, spelling errors, no variety in their photos et cetera.


   In 2013, the Capital Markets Authority passed a regulated bill that allows visitors to invest in Real Estate through the Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs). This is a security that involves selling stock through securities stock exchange that offers direct investment in Real Estate through Mortgages and Properties. Companies that also offer regular income streams, diversification and long-term return on investments on their developments is also a form of REITs. REITs can be accessed with the public by either small or medium scale investors. Affordable housing in Africa is becoming a constant challenge due to the high rising population in urban centers and mushrooming of properties so that housing developments can be constructed. This results to several factors such as poor drainage and insecurity levels increasing.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Child development is a very important stage in the natural process of growth as parents are able to monitor, learn and help advice their kids through the various changes they go through. When buying a home, it’s important to always think about allocating a room or certain space to accommodate a play area for your growing kids. Playtime is important as in as much as a child may be building, hiding, playing pretend house or even knocking down items. This is because they are still learning by being creative and ambitious to tackle and successfully finish set goals.


The current population of the country is at a continual increase. Urban areas currently host a majority of the country’s population. This is due to the fact that most activities and job opportunities are located in these areas. The current rate of urbanization stands at 4.28 percent, resulting in an increasing demand for affordable housing for rental and buying. According to the recently received Economic Survey Report, most Kenyans are not able to afford to buy their own homes due to the high costs of living which weaken their purchasing power. 2.9% is the estimated decline in real average earnings. Currently, in Africa, 90% of the population is not in a position to afford a basic 7,500 USD mortgage due to high-interest rates being offered by the banks.



A beautifully done lawn is a great invite to a person’s home as it brings out character, looks more inviting and is a great conversation starter when you are playing host to guests. The front yard is usually the first thing one sees when they drive up to your house. There are a couple of factors to consider when planning to do landscaping around your house:


Buying or building a house is a thrilling experience!

The smell of freshly painted walls, different surrounding and having complete ownership of a house is a pretty exciting feeling. Do you sit down and think about the size of a house in regards to your family or needs when planning to buy a house or building one?

Is the property for residential or entertainment purposes? How often do you entertain guests or use the kitchen for example? How much outdoor space do you need?

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