Photo courtesy from Pixabay

Photo courtesy from Pixabay

Gated communities or neighborhoods are a form of housing estates that sit on the same compound and most often share amenities. They are often characterized by a perimeter wall or fences and one access gate to the compound with strict and controlled entrance to outsiders

Most developers are opting to go for gated communities compared to stand alone properties. This is not only because it saves them resources but is also a top preference for most buyers.

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Property management can be a stressful endeavor for not only the property manager but also for the modern day landlord. One has to keep track of rental payments and defaulters, keep up to date with leases and communicate with tenants. One also has to handle paperwork while also making sure to market vacancies to prospective customers.

Kodipay, an online property management platform seeks to simplify and ease this entire process for property managers and landlords. The Company also seeks to enable tenants to pay rent conveniently and air out their grievances to their respective property managers and landlords.


Studio apartments may not be so popular among the house hunters because of the small space. This is because they are meant for a specific target market. They are not ideal for families but rather for single people like students, an office worker who lives alone, or a couple who have no need for too much space.

They may be smaller than the multi-bedroom apartments but there are some benefits that come with small spaces as listed below.


Jumia House recently engaged with the team at Ace Realtors to get their insights about the Real Estate industry. Below are the excerpts.

Who is Ace Realtors?

Ace Realtors Limited is a Kenyan real estate company duly incorporated under the Companies Act Cap 486. The Company has been operational since 2009. We specialize in property search and sales for clients as well as post-sales services. This includes residential and commercial leasing and property management.

Photo from Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

The number of Education facilities in Kenya has been rising with the total number of accredited universities and colleges standing currently at 58. This number excludes the count of polytechnic institutions that are continuously on the rise. Most of the Kenyan Universities are not financially equipped to deal with the increased demand for hostel accommodation. This is because on average, an approximate 50,000 students can be admitted into an educational facility per semester.

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