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Photo from Pixabay

The number of Education facilities in Kenya has been rising with the total number of accredited universities and colleges standing currently at 58. This number excludes the count of polytechnic institutions that are continuously on the rise. Most of the Kenyan Universities are not financially equipped to deal with the increased demand for hostel accommodation. This is because on average, an approximate 50,000 students can be admitted into an educational facility per semester.


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Most modern families have a variety of demands in regards to the design of the apartments and homes they wish to own. The Kitchen is an integral part of a house as it can be used for a variety of activities. This includes hosting or entertaining friends with drinks as they watch you cook. This dream, however, is only possible in situations whereby one has a modern kitchen design. If well designed, a kitchen can be an ideal centerpiece and increase a room’s functionality, especially for big families. Jumia House has outlined seven types of Kitchen Islands that one can use when coming up with the outline design of your dream house.


In this day and age, the real estate market has become very highly competitive. It is therefore essential to make your property stand out from the crowd of unsold properties. Holding an open house is one the most efficient ways of moving your property and making a sale. An open house is an occasion when real estate offered for sale for viewing by prospective buyers and the general public without an appointment.  Having an open house has been a tradition among realtors for a long time. Though there are many and more convenient internet tools for viewing homes, the open house tradition will continue because for most people, seeing is believing. The agent could suggest an open house to their client if they feel that it would help sell the property.  Here are a few tips on holding a successful open house.



Home interior designers are always looking for new ways to redefine space. Occasionally, they tend to look for inspiration from materials and items from the past. With the help of advanced technology, however, they can manipulate various materials previously thought impossible to remodel. As a result, designers can conceptualize daring concepts full of imagination.

For example, the use of Hi-Tech home interior materials of the future will have a strong focus on environmental benefits. Green technology concepts are being ingrained in a majority of the upcoming developments. Different initiatives are being taken by the Government to help install the use of renewable energy. Earlier this year, there was a law passed that requires Kenyans to install water heating systems in buildings. This move is to put the country on the right path towards implementing a green economy strategy. This will ensure attainability of the sustainable development vision 2030.

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Rainmaker Brokerage is built upon the foundation of a young, dynamic team, with some of the industry’s most prominent contributors, working together to provide a comprehensive service to both the residential and commercial sectors, while elevating the business of Real Estate in Kenya. The first in Kenya to introduce geolocation mapping, enabling you to seek out your ideal property within seconds. Jumia sat down with Caesar Thyaka, a property consultant at the firm. Below is the interview: