There is an increasing shortage of houses in the African Region at large. Nigeria has a housing shortage of 17 million units, South Africa has a shortage of two million. Kenya, on the other hand, experiences a shortage of 200,000 houses annually. The urban population growth is continually increasing with the projected numbers expected to hit 2.4 billion in the next 30 years. This basically means that this housing gap situation needs to be addressed before it overpowers. The Kenyan Government is rolling out different processes in which it seeks to address the housing situation so that more Kenyans can become homeowners. One of the main Big Four Agendas is providing Affordable Housing to Kenyans by 2022. There have been several speculations pertaining to the feasibility of this idea with different organizations engaging in talks to address this matter.


Kenya property listings on vacation rentals have been on the rise over the past years since Airbnb launched in the country in 2012. By end of 2017, the growth rate was at 57%, an increase due to the popularity for vacationing by millennials. On average, a person renting their vacation home is capable of taking home Kshs 100,700 per year just from leasing it out for holiday renting. Buying a luxurious holiday home, therefore, does not sound like such a bad idea after all! However, when buying these types of houses it is important that you consider a few factors that might affect your productivity and continually generate you income.



Artificial Intelligence and Business Solutions Intelligence are the next software’s that will be used by multiple companies in the next coming years to improve the operations of the companies. These two software’s will enable organizations to plan strategically when considering the best business decisions to use. Kenya is one of the countries seeking to be part of the wave of using digital currencies. Kenya’s firm BitPesa has been able to raise Kshs 1billion to help power its expansion across Africa. The country created a task force earlier in the year mandated to understand the wave of using blockchain technologies.


Affordable housing is one of the main objectives that our government is trying to achieve by the year 2022. Jumia House has outlined a few concepts to guide you as you consider building your commercial property.

  • Be creative

   Affordable housing does not happen by simply downsizing a model targeted at middle-income populations. It requires creativity and deep understandings of the target market’s preferences and where there is room to maneuver on costs. Developers, therefore, need to ensure that they incorporate several features that can help manage the climate change situation such as solar heating panels and backup boreholes.


This article was written by Paul Nyamweya, Lead Consultant and Blogger at Ujenzi Plan

This article is written by Paul Nyamweya, Lead Consultant, and Blogger at Ujenzi Plan

People struggle on a daily basis what to blog about; you should however not worry as it is easy as ABC!

The first thing to ask yourself is who is my target audience? For most, the answer is a combination of buyers, existing customers, past clients and influencers such as analysts and the media.



Valuation is an art or science of estimating the value of a particular interest in a property for a specific purpose at a particular moment in time taking into account all features of the property and also considering all the other market factors. The minimum cost for valuation fees is KSh. 15,000 in Kenya.