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apartments for sale in kenya

Best Apartments for Sale in Kenya

Looking for a great deal on apartments for sale in Kenya? Then you will find a variety of apartments for sale on Jumia House, Kenya’s #1 real estate marketplace. No matter what your needs are, Jumia House offers you an opportunity to easily find the right type of apartment that fits your need. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned investor, you will find everything to help you make a great decision.

There are a lot of choice places that make for a good investment in Kenya. You can find apartments for sale in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nyanza.

Here at Jumia House we offer the most efficient and easiest way to find the perfect apartment in Kenya.There are a lot of different types of apartments or flats in Kenya. Depending on the type of apartment you are seeking to buy, you will find fully furnished apartments, luxury homes, standard apartments. The median prices for apartments in Kenya will depend on the location and this ranges from KSh 27,000,000 to KSh 1,950,000 Furnished House to Let

Kenya's Real Estate Market

Kenya's property market continue to rise annually. According to statistics, about 50,000 new unit of houses become available every year. These housing units can never be enough for a country with an estimated population of 46M people, thereby making an investment in real estate worthwhile.

Kenya is located in the Indian Ocean coastline. It encompases the savannah, lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It's also home to wildlife like lions, elephants and rhinos. From Nairobi, the capital, safaris visit the Maasai Mara Reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and Amboseli National Park, offering views of Tanzania's 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Kenya's tourism serves as the major contributor to its GDP while agriculture is the second largest contributor to the countries economic growth. Most of the tourism attraction is to its game reserves and coastal beaches.