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Apartments for Rent Mombasa

The Rise and Rise of Mombasa Real Estate

With a rising population of over 1.2 million, Mombasa stands tall as Kenya’s second largest city and chief tourist destination. The city is divided into two parts. The first is the island which lies along the Indian Ocean coastline to the south-east, and in between Turdor Creek and Port Reitz. The second part is the mainland which stretches from Mtwapa in the north down to Ukunda in the south. Mombasa is a tremendously vibrant city which has a lot to offer in terms of recreation, lifestyle and culture.

The property market is equally as vibrant. The city is ranked as one of Kenya’s best places to work because of job availability. This has resulted in masses of locals from other parts of the country and foreign residents moving there. The boom in the job market is attributed to the successful and resilient tourism industry in the region, which has withstood many a security threat. Consequently, the demand for good housing in terms of rental houses and apartments for rent and sale has followed suit and many real estate agents in Mombasa are working to meet the demand.

The amount needed to rent Mombasa properties and bank mortgage rates for houses and flats have experienced an exponential increase. However, this has not in any way faltered the demand for housing in Mombasa. The growing business opportunities, lifestyle, and climate still attract settlers to the area. In addition, the establishment of public universities such as Moi University and the University of Nairobi, as well as other private tertiary institutions, has drawn in students from far and wide. This has further fueled the already increasing demand for Mombasa rental apartments.

Furnished Apartment for Rent in Mombasa

Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent in Mombasa

In this coastal city, there is an assortment of beachfront apartments, penthouses and fully furnished apartments to choose from. They range from studio apartments to 2- 4 bedroom units. The furnished apartments for rent in Mombasa come either as fully or partially furnished. In 2014, A typical bedsitter for rent in Mombasa would cost around KSh 5,000 to KSh 14,000 depending on its proximity to amenities and curb appeal. 2 to 4 bedroom flats are priced anywhere around KSh 15,000 to Ksh 35,000, also depending on the previously mentioned factors. The rent charged on apartments in Mombasa is also influenced by the location. The price is often higher in more popular and high-end neighborhoods such as apartments for rent in Nyali Mombasa and fully furnished apartments in Diani, and lower in places like rental houses in Tudor and apartments in Mombasa Island.

Luxury apartments and holiday rentals in Mombasa are a common feature in Mombasa and are usually more expensive. However, they are convenient, hustle free, more comfortable for short term lease and less expensive than a hotel. The majority of the flats for rent are located along major roads and are served by several matatu routes. They are also strategically located near banks, shopping malls, health facilities, schools, and even famous resorts and tourist destinations.

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