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Beachfront Properties Available

World renown for beautiful coral reefs, the 10 kilometer long beach seaside resort on the Indian Ocean is Kenya’s chief beach tourism destination. Diani Beach is strategically located a few kilometres south the country’s coastal city, Mombasa, and has a population of about 100,000.

Unlike most parts of the greater coastal region of Kenya, this former fishing village has steadily risen to become one of the most in demand holiday destinations globally. Many individual and group property developers and agencies have invested heavily in holiday accommodation in the area. Diani, which spreads from the Kongo river in the north to Galu beach in the south, stands out because of its ultra-modern beach front properties positioned against the beautiful backdrop of the Indian Ocean.

A few minutes from the sandy white resort lies a newly built and well maintained tamarc road that runs parallel to the shore line. This road is lined with multiple resorts (e.g. Diani Beach resort), hotels, restaurants and a variety of other recreational amenities. Diani also nestles several large shopping and crafting centers, retail shops, and financial institutions.

Features of the House for Sale in Diani Beach Kenya

Villa for Sale in Diani

Anyone looking to buy a house in Diani Beach Kenya has an array to choose from. The houses for sale and rent vary in size, appearance, type, space, prices and even in architectural design i.e. traditional versus modern housing. Some houses are thatched using the traditional makuti, to give it an authentic look, while others are built with more modern materials, and are equipped with contemporary furniture. Many of the houses for sale in Mombasa come with fans or air conditioning, and swimming pools.

There are several bungalows, mansions and villas available for sale. The bungalows range from 2- 4 bedroom housing units, while the villas are much bigger, and more suitable for buying and later renting out the rooms for short term accommodation. Depending on the characteristics of the house, the size of the compound it comes with, and its proximity to Diani beach, a home for sale in this location can cost as low as KSh 10 million and as high as KSh 240 million.

Buying a house in Diani, whether for private or commercial use is a sure good investment, given the location’s popularity among both local and international tourists. Some of the celebrities that are known to enjoy vacationing in Diani are Brad and Angelina Pitt, and Jose Mourinho.

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