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Houses for Sale in Mombasa Kenya

Owning a beach front property would be a dream come true for many potential home owners and investors. Beach front properties are valued across many real estate markets. Mombasa, which is ranked as one of Africa’s best natural coastlines, has taken the front line in driving Kenya’s real estate market performance with top of the line beach front properties, golf estates, and historical property developments that go back to the early 1900s.

Standing tall as the country’s second most populated region with about 1 million residents within the city alone, Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi and the country’s chief tourist attraction. The coastal city has a lot to offer in terms of great weather, rich culture, recreational and luxurious activities, and business opportunities.

Mombasa’s housing market has experienced rapid development, and this is mainly due to a huge chunk of professionals and students moving to the island for employment opportunities. A 2014 report placed the tourist destination city as Kenya’s number one area with the most job prospectives.  Additionally, the increased investment by central government in the city’s infrastructure and industries, as well as foreign aid and investment, has resulted in the growth of the number of middle class with disposable income. This is especially within small and medium scale enterprises where more and more people are taking advantage of the funding provided by government. Financial institutions have also not been left behind and are competing to provide the packages that fit different financial needs.

With the growing demand for both luxury apartments and affordable housing, houses for sale in Mombasa are steadily changing to suit the varied preferences. For example, some old houses are being demolished and replaced by more modern architectural designs. Real estate developers in Kenya House for Sale in Mombasa prefer to have a mix of antique and contemporary styles, and this results in some of the most beautiful homes in Kenya. The more popular houses in Mombasa real estate are detached and semi-detached varieties. Yet another change is the emergence of apartments for sale and for rent. Some of the popular neighbourhoods are Nyali, Diani amongst others.

Houses for Sale in Mombasa : Semi-detached vs. Stand-alone

Choosing the type of house for sale in Mombasa that suits you is not always easy. It is good to keep in mind that the different house styles offer unique advantages, whose value depends on the needs of the potential home owner. A stand-alone house offers a lot of privacy because one does not have to share any walls. They also tend to be more spacious both inside and with regard to compounds or gardens. One can go about their activities without worrying about disrupting or getting in the way of their neighbours.

Semi-detached houses on the other hand are usually less costly, still offer a great curb appeal, and are more affordable to maintain as costs are shared between neighbours. However, the level or privacy or uniqueness may not be as high as that of a detached house since these types of houses are share walls and have similar layouts and storeys. One can also get other property such as apartments for sale in Mombasa, commercial property for sale, office spaces for sale in Mombasa, lands for sale in Mombasa and many more.

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