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Your Dream Apartment for Rent Awaits in Mombasa Island

Apartment for Rent in Mombasa Island

Mombasa Island is in Kenya’s coastal region, located along the Indian Ocean. It is connected to the mainland by the Makupa causeway to the northwest, Nyali Bridge to the east and by the Likoni Ferry to the south. There is also a road and rail bridge that serves the mainland container port near Port Reitz.

The island hosts Mombasa which is Kenya’s second largest city, and East Africa’s economic and cultural hub. Within it is East and Central Africa’s biggest inland port, which serves several landlocked countries. The area’s sandy beaches and coral reefs also attracts many local and foreign tourists, as well as investors.

Mombasa’s status as an important economic focus has encouraged government to enhance its infrastructure in order to bolster development in the region. The construction of the new berth to improve the cargo handling capacity is one such infrastructural improvement. Others are a better road network, and the establishment of an oil refinery and pipeline to facilitate the oil mining that is scheduled to begin in 2015.  At the same time, the area is rated as having the most promising employment chances, with the number of job opportunities superseding the number of graduates available.

Given all the above, it is clear that Mombasa’s advancement is on a steep upward climb. A growth, which already has and will continue to affect the demand for elaborate and affordable housing. These includes houses, apartments and commercial properties for sale and rent. Apart from Mombasa Island, some of the other areas already experiencing this are Nyali and Tudor.

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Why Rent an Apartment in Mombasa Island

Renting an apartment in Mombasa Island enables you to enjoy a huge amount of environmental and cultural beauty. Almost every part of an island offers easy access to the shore line. The vibrant yet laid back life in Mombasa is as a result of good weather and a balanced mix of local, western, Christian and Muslim cultures.

Some of the rental flats are located close to major historical sites such as the Fort Jesus, which dated back to the 16th Century.  Many, can be found within walking distance from various social amenities such as markets, shopping complex, resorts, public beaches, religious buildings and educational institutions.

A typical studio apartment for rent would in 2015 cost between KSh 6,000 to KSh 15,000, depending on its proximity to amenities and all round curb appeal. The rental charge for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment is between KSh 18,000 to KSh 350,000. The higher price is reserved for extra features such as furnished apartments, beachfront apartments, and availability of a pool, club house or gym.

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