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Houses for Rent in Mombasa Island

Get your Dream Home at the Heart of the Coastal Region

Mombasa County is an all year round holiday destination and Kenya’s second most populated city with slightly over 3 million residents. The bustling and lively province is bound by a highly multicultural and diverse lifestyle that instils a great nostalgia for anyone who visits the island.

Mombasa Island is easily identified by the Mombasa Tusks which were built during the colonial era to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Kenya. The island is the county's headquarters and is partitioned from the mainland by 2 main water inlets; Kilindini Habour to the south and Tudor Creek to the west. It connects to the eastern mainland via the Nyali Bridge and to the west via the Likoni Ferry. The isle, a division of the larger Mombasa district, has a population of slightly above half a million. Its subdivisions include Tononoka, Tudor, Majengo, Railway, Ganjoni and Old Town.

Old Town is one of the popluar locations on the island and is located on the south eastern part, covering an area of 180 acres. This location has the highest population in the isle and is predominantly made up of people of Arab descent, in addition to a mix of long time British and Portuguese settlers.

The Property Market Situation: Houses for Sale

Rent a House in Mombasa Island

In terms of property market, Mombasa Island has greatly benefitted from the economic development that seems to get better every year. The obvious influencing factor being the tourism sector which brings in local and foreign visitors all year round. It is said that the annual visit count surpasses 5 million people. As the same time, Mombasa has been signalled out as Kenya’s best employer, churning out hundreds of job opportunities in regular intervals.

The economic fortune in the area has seen the demand for rental units’ skyrocket in recent years, and real estate developers are taking advantage of this. Today, the island is filled with construction sites that are soon to be housing and commercial havens. The demand for homes has also caused the median rent to increase by at least 5% each year, especially for such a central place like Mombasa Island.

In terms of architectural designs of the houses and apartments for rent and sale, this area has some of the most antique and culturally rich real estate in Kenya. A good number of properties, and especially the houses for rent, still bear a mix of precolonial and Arabic influence in their exterior and interior designs. However, many of the rental homes are built in modern designs and completed with the latest stylish fittings and finishes. In fact, in areas such as Tudor, one can find several multiple storied homes for rent. Tudor and Old Town areas have more residential houses than the rest of the divisions which have more commercial properties.

The curb appeal and estate features are by all means very different across each division and this gives the ardent property seeker the much sought after variety of choice. On average, the amount charged on houses for rent range from KSh 15,000 to as much as KSh 100,000.

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