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The desire to live by the beautiful shores, to have the feeling of sand between your feet as you sip a cold drink, is one that cannot be replicated by a swimming pool or a lake. It can instead, be fulfilled by considering renting an apartment in Nyali.

Nyali is a vibrant area that is connected to Mombasa city by Kenya’s longest overpass; Nyali Bridge. The upscale residential and commercial suburb is the country’s largest marine and beach tourism attraction, attracting thousands of visitors each year. The expanse is characterized by long white sandy beaches, tall palm trees, and lovely weather conditions throughout the year. Additionally, it is also home to several world renowned hotels, beach resorts, and huge palatial golf courses.

In the past, Nyali was primarily a residential area. However, as Mombasa town grew, it became necessary for businesses and commercial properties to spread into areas outside the island since expanding into the old town, a historical site, was not an option. Therefore, many developers turned their attention towards areas such as Nyali, Kizingo and Tudor.  Today, Nyali is a perfect mix of residential, business and recreational activities.     

What is Your Dream Apartment?

Rental flats in Nyali

Are you looking to lease a loft, a studio apartment, duplex or a standard apartment? Is your preference luxury apartments, fully furnished apartments, beachfront apartments, or would you rather rent a house? Whatever your choice, you are bound to find apartments for rent in Nyali that meets your requirement.

Depending on the size, type, and proximity to a road, social amenities, or the famous Nyali beach, the price for apartments for rent can be as low as KSh 15,000 and as high as KSh 350,000. The higher price being for luxurious, 3 bedroom, fully furnished apartments that have an amazing view of the Indian Ocean. Even though Nyali is known to be a safe area, many of the rental flats provide extra security in the form of 24hour security guards and alarm systems. Most of these apartments are connected to well-maintained roads, and are situated close to banks, shopping malls, health facilities and educational institutions. This means that a potential tenant will not have to cross over to Mombasa town in order to access these necessary services.

Rental apartments in Nyali are also ideal for holiday makers who are looking for temporary accommodation. They provide a cheaper and more private option to hotels. A lot of these types of apartments come with swimming pools, club houses and fitness facilities.

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