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Apartment for Sale in Mombasa - Nyali

Nyali Apartments for Sale in Mombasa

Nyali is Mombasa County’s most prime residential neighbourhoods. It is set across the mainland and linked to the island via the Nyali Bridge, which is one of Kenya’s landmarks in the coastal region.  The area’s beautiful sandy beaches which stretch along the Indian Ocean coastline are a long time tourist attraction that host many a beach resort and world class hotels. Of notable mention is the famous Nyali Beach. Its coral reef and marine life is also a tourist magnet.

Over the years, Nyali has changed face from a predominantly residential space to include more commercial properties. This is mainly due to Mombasa’s Central Business District expanding beyond the island. This expansion has also led to a search for more housing space in mainland Mombasa. Nyali is one of the suburbs that is deemed ideal by real estate developers because offers the possibility of putting up houses and apartments, while still being close to the CBD. This is unlike the Old Town neighbourhood whose expansion is hampered by the city center and the Tudor Creek. Other areas are Diani and Bamburi.

One way in which companies and individual property developers have maximized the valuable space in Nyali is through constructing apartments. There are many flats for sale and rent available. All one has to do is decide on what type would fit them. For example, is it better to own an apartment that is within a large gated community or one that is in more private Nyali Apartment for Sale enclosures? Or would you rather a studio apartment over a family-size 2/3 bedroom apartment? Many times it is one’s budget that eventually decides on which flat is purchased.

The Different Apartments in Nyali Mombasa

Nyali has many different types of apartments on offer. They include lofts, garden apartments, studio apartments, beachfront apartments and standard 2 – 3 bedroom apartments. These are some of the best apartments for sale in Mombasa. While most of the flats are offered without any furniture, a significant number are sold fully or semi furnished, which is ideal for home seekers who would want to settle quickly. Some of the other extra features on offer include a shared swimming pool, playgrounds and fitness studios. In Nyali, buying an apartment is a worthy investment because one can rent it out to holiday makers, or people looking for short term accommodation that is more comfortable than a hotel.

A typical 3 to 4 bedroom apartment for sale would be priced at as low KSh 15 million to as high as KSh 30 million. This mostly depends on location and what features are provided. 

Pictures by Jumia House & Flickr