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The Growth of Nyali Region

The Scenic Nyali Bridge

Strategically located on the mainland of Mombasa County is Nyali, an upscale residential and commercial suburbia. The area is characterized by high-class residential properties, 5-star hotels, beautiful white sandy beaches, and is connected to Mombasa Island by the scenic Nyali Bridge.

Until recently, Nyali was a strictly residential area filled with houses and apartments for sale and rent. Now, the area spots towering skyscrapers and has commercial properties cropping up at a fast pace. This change is attributed to the growth of Mombasa city’s infrastructure and economy, which has forced the initially passive real estate industry to expand into neighboring vicinities. Mombasa’s Central Business District is surrounded by residential properties and the historical old town, which made it almost impossible to expand the city. As a result, the growth has instead gone beyond the island borders to the Nyali area, transforming it into the business hub it is today.  

The chief economic activity in Nyali is tourism. This is mainly due to the area’s lovely weather, white sandy beaches, and beautiful coral reef and marine life along the coastline which attracts tourists and divers from far and wide. The region also has the famous Nyali beach and some of East Africa’s finest luxury hotels and resorts like Nyali Beach Resort, Voyagers Hotel and Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa. This, alongside a number of affordable hotels, are spread across the shoreline and offer various recreational sports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, and sailing. At House for Rent in Nyalithe same time, some of the most prestigious academies in Coast province, consulates, and non-governmental institutions are found in this part of Mombasa.  

Rental Houses in Nyali

The real estate sector in the suburb is vibrant and lucrative to both foreign and local investors. The housing market is one of the best Mombasa properties and is available in different forms i.e. detached houses & semi-detached houses for rent, bungalows and maisonettes. The exponential rise of the middle class in Mombasa town has encouraged a massive exodus to this area.

As Mombasa’s county government plans the city’s expansion, many are taking advantage of the financial packages offered by institutions and banks to buy homes to rent out as office space or for personal use. Depending on specifications and location, one can get a house for rent in Nyali for as low as KSh 40,000 for a 3 bedroom house. Beach front houses are a little more expensive and cost between KSh 100,000 -190,000 depending on the number of rooms, whether or not it is furnished or has a pool.

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