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Houses for Sale in Nyali

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Nyali is a prime residential estate located on the mainland of the coastal Mombasa City. It is linked to Mombasa Island by the Nyali Bridge to the North East and borders Bamburi and Mtwapa to the North West. It is dubbed as one of the most serene and plush estates in the coastal region.

Nyali lies along the Indian Ocean shoreline and is significantly surrounded by sandy beaches. Its location has attracted many luxurious accommodations, restaurants and bars, which gives residents a variety of places to wine and dine. Anyone looking to buy or rent a house or apartment in the neighbourhood can be assured that they, their family and guests will have easy access to some of the best hotels in Kenya, and a scenic view of the Indian Ocean.

The area’s infrastructural system is also of good quality. This has lured in many local, regional and international business and organizations who are now investing in the area. The increase in economic activities has helped in diversifying this originally purely residential neighbourhood.

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Furnished Houses for Sale in Nyali

Nyali is a very vibrant area to live in with an array of social and recreational facilities on offer. Many of the houses for sale are within easy access to amenities such as shopping complexes, amusement parks and financial institutions. The neighbourhood is known to host numerous areas where one can engage in water sports such as jet skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing and kite surfing. There are also various entertainment spots that are ideal for relaxing and family activities. If your idea of winding down is completing a round of golf, then you would be happy to learn that renowned Nyali Golf Club is just around the corner.

Besides the suburb being a generally safe area, the high number of embassies and multinational organizations and the presence of the Nyali Police Station, have boosted the security situation. Additionally, most of the houses, apartments and commercial properties are surrounded by electric fences or perimeter walls, with 24 hours security guards.  

When it comes to costs, a standard 2 bedroom house for sale in Nyali would, on average, be between KSh 6 million to KSh 9 million. Buying a bigger 3 or 4 bedroom house would cost around KSh 12 million to Ksh 30 million. The price variation is brought about by both indoor and outdoor features of the housing units, curb appeal and proximity to major roads, recreational center or tourist attraction.

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