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A Suburb by the Creek

Apartment for Rent in Tudor

Famed for its versatile and vibrant populace, Tudor is a fine area for anyone looking to settle a stone throw away from Mombasa’s Central Business District. The suburb is strategically located north of the island, adjoined to the city’s busiest streets, Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, and the beautiful Tudor creek that separates the island from the rest of Mombasa.

The area’s population consists of a coexisting mix of Muslims, Hindu, and Christians, both of Arabic and non-Arabic descent. The zone has also been, for the longest time, a strictly residential area with little to no commercial property development. Houses and apartments in this area mainly consist of units put together in organized courts with a single entry point. The growing number of middle class in Mombasa has made Tudor a prime location for those who work within the city and prefer to live nearby. To be precise, Tudor is approximately a 10 minute walk from the main city center.

Features of Rental Apartments in Tudor Mombasa

Rental Apartment in Tudor

Mombasa was recently ranked as one of the cities in Kenya with the highest disposal income. This was attributed to the large scale employment opportunities that have over the years presented themselves from the tourism and hospitality industry in the region.

As expected, the demand for elaborate and affordable housing has increased significantly, attracting private property developers from far and wide. As it stands, Tudor is the lead in providing some of the most affordable apartments and houses for rent in Mombasa.

An ardent person looking to lease an apartment in Tudor has a wide selection to choose from. They include studio apartments, lofts, duplex or garden apartments. The available apartments come in different shapes and sizes that fit to the varying requests of potential tenants. Technical University of Mombasa and many other mid-level colleges are based in Tudor. The presence of these institutions has created a demand for student housing, and many times 1 -2 bedroom apartments are the most common property types available. Renting a flat would cost one anything from KSh 10,000 to around KSh 20,000 depending on proximity to roads and social amenities, the curb appeal, and services offered by the property management.

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