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Houses for Rent in Tudor

Homes for Rent in Serene Tudor Mombasa

Located north of Kenya's second most populous city, Mombasa Island, is Tudor, a steadily growing suburb lying just a stone throw away from the busy Central Business District. The neighborhood is one of few in the coastal region which are located right at the shoreline. Most of its area borders the Tudor creek, which separates it from the mainland. This helps to create an ambience of serenity, recreation and adventure. A significant part of the neighbourhood is lined with trees which combined with the view of the ocean, presents breath taking scenery.

Many residents would classify Tudor as having the best of Nyali, Diani and the inner part of Mombasa Island. This is because it is one of the few areas where residential properties, especially houses and apartments, are available in plenty. It is also because the neighbourhood is close to the busy city center, yet far enough to still offer the calm atmosphere that is typical of islands. Residents only need between 5 – 10 minutes to walk to the city. Furthermore, many services such as shopping complexes, shops, restaurants, financial institutions are available within and around the neighbourhood.  

Tudor is home to the Technical University of Mombasa and multiple mid-level colleges. The presence of these tertiary institutions has significantly boosted the demand for student housing. This in turn has increased the development of affordable housing.

Find Rental Houses in Convenient Locations in Tudor Mombasa

Tudor Rental House

The housing market is on the spotlight, what with several new developments taking place at a really fast pace. For many who prefer to live next to the city, you would find Tudor to be most convenient. The infrastructure is good with well-maintained roads and well-functioning sewerage systems.

The houses for rent are available in all shapes and sizes. Most are either maisonettes or bungalows set on at least 0.5 acre grounds. They have high curb appeal, and modern exterior and interior designs. One can say that they are some of the most artistic houses for rent in Mombasa. Also available within some of the rental homes are extras such as swimming pools and well-manicured gardens. In terms of security, several houses are located in gated communities which are well fenced and are guarded 24 hours.

When renting, the price of a typical 2 – 4 bedroom house would vary because, like any other coastal region, the location and the view matters. Thus, beachfront properties cost much more than other properties. In Tudor, the rent charged for such properties can be as low as KSh 50, 000 and as high as Ksh 200,000.  Still, the price is worth it, since many of the rental houses by the Indian Ocean provide similar exclusivity to 5 star hotels, and are in most cases very spacious.

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