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Buying a house is a very important decision. Finding a new home is an incredibly exciting process and it will require some time to find the perfect place. Discovering your ideal house for sale in Kenya means deciding on the type of house, how big it should be, and in which town/city or neighbourhood.

The various real estate companies in Kenya offer a wide range of housing options that vary in size, style and price. The homes in Kenya available include townhouses for sale, villas, apartments for sale, mansions, office spaces for sale and even smaller bungalows and bedsitters for those who are looking for affordability. The advantage of buying a house over any other property is the possibility of having privacy, spacious and more number of rooms, a compound, garden, garage etc.

Whether you are looking to settle in an upmarket suburb in Nairobi, a beachfront area in Mombasa or within agricultural space in the Rift Valley, Jumia House will help you find your dream home. With plenty of houses for sale in Naivasha, Nakuru, Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu e.t.c, you can make your search as comprehensive as you like. Houses in Kenya for SaleThe possibilities are endless and Kenya offers an incomparable landscape for real estate seekers.

Aspects to Be Considered Before Buying a House

When viewing a house, it is advisable to check if the property is equipped with all the facilities needed. It should have access to water and electricity and it is important to check the possibility of having internet access. The number of rooms will also make a significant difference on the price. Two-bedroom houses are obviously cheaper than a luxury bungalow with a large number of rooms.
Before settling on a particular home in Kenya for sale, it is also wise to research on the prices of similar housing within the neighbourhood. This way you will have an idea of whether the asking price is a fair deal. Be sure to also engage the services of a lawyer to make sure the whole process is done in an accountable format and according to the law.

Jumia House has a wide variety of cheap houses around the country and some of the best local real estate agents use this service to advertise their properties. Thus, Jumia House’s catalogue is the best online marketplace to find houses in Kenya.