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Land for Sale, Kenya

Property in Kenya: Land for Sale

Land is and will continue to be a hot topic in Kenya. Whether is it is prime plots of land for sale in Nairobi, land for sale in Kitengela, Athi River or land issues in Lamu, Budalangi or the Mau forest area. This is because for many Kenyans, high returns on investment is top of mind when they think about land. Everyone wants to be a land owner. Be it the owner of residential land, commercial land, farms or a small plot that is yet to be developed.

In earlier years, agricultural land for sale in Kenya was the most valuable piece of real estate. While this is still the case, more and more individuals and property agents are also realizing the benefits that residential land promises. Especially given the growing demand for middle and high-end housing. Plots for sale in Nairobi and its environs e.g Thika, Kiambu, as well as land for sale in Naivasha, land in Kisumu and parts of Mombasa, are some of those that have benefitted from the high demand for housing.

Affordable, Cheap Land for Sale in Kenya

Plots for Sale, Kenya

Most of the prime plots for sale in the big cities will demand a premium price. However, one can always find more affordable pieces of acreage which have great potential, if one researches and considers their options carefully. Do not always immediately dismiss land offers in areas that are not around the main cities or towns. These areas might be in the process of benefiting from the city or town's expansion or a major infrastructural development by the Government or private developers.

Before buying land in Kenya, it is advisable to carry out a background check on the piece of land and its location. This means checking whether it is registered, if the title deed is clean, and that it is not tied to any previous conflicts, court cases or road/ water/ wildlife reserves. Always engage the services of a lawyer who can help in performing a land search at the District Lands Office or Ministry of Lands (Ardhi House). And of course physically visit the site to ensure that it does exist and also to measure it. If you want to buy land in Kenya for residential purposes, consider factors such as its accessibility by road, security situation, and the water, sewerage and electricity connection.
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