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Real Estate in Nairobi

Nairobi, Real Estate in Kenya

Nairobi is the capital and largest city in Kenya as well as the most populous urban centre in East Africa. It is one of the most important cities of the continent and its rapidly-growing economy is reflected in its vibrant business activity. The city is also home to many international companies that choose Nairobi as the regional headquarters for their African operations.

The city has plenty of parks and recreational areas like the famous Uhuru Park, a green space with a beautiful lake near the business district. As Nairobi’s economy keeps growing so is its population and territory, which is gradually expanding into the metropolitan area.

Large Selection of Properties in Kenya

Nairobi is certainly living a very exciting time and it is the best moment to buy or rent property in the city. There is a wide diversity of properties in the city and the real estate market has a lot to offer.

Apartment for Rent in Nairobi

The business district of Nairobi is now populated with amazing-looking offices and modern buildings. Some areas, like Westlands, are also growing very quickly as the central district is starting to get overpopulated. Property within Nairobi central is a composite of both commercial and residential real estate. The demand for rental property in this part of Nairobi is steadily increasing due to the increased businesses and companies set up making it convenient for most to live around.

An area like Upper Hill which is believed to be the financial capital of Nairobi is attracting savvy investors from across the borders with global companies like Coca-Cola and Microsoft setting up base over there.

All in all, Nairobi is an extremely exciting city and the capital of one of the most touristic countries in Africa. It is therefore a fantastic spot for both business and leisure. Acquiring a property in Nairobi is definitely a great choice.

Plenty of property to choose from

From studio Apartments in Nairobi to bungalows, from 100 square feet office space to 100 acre mansions, the possibilities are limitless. Each property is different as are the needs of each interested party. Jumia House has an extensive portfolio of properties on sale in Nairobi central.