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Nairobi- East Africa's Investment Hub

Commercial Property for Rent in Nairobi

Nairobi is East Africa’s regional hub for business and investments. The city is home to a large expat community since there are a huge number of multinationals who have selected on Nairobi as their continental or regional headquarters. The city is also experiencing a rapidly growing middle class with disposable income. As a result, the property market has and continues to experience a boom, so much so that Nairobi’s property market has been rated one of the fastest growing in the world.

The real estate has in turn positively responded to the demand and is meeting the demands of the ever growing consumers. According to Jumia House analytics, 73% of onsite searches are for investors and house – hunters looking for property to rent. Of this, 10% are people looking for office space to let in Nairobi.

Micro businesses, small medium enterprises and global consortia want to have a presence in the country’s capital irrespective of the significant amount of initial capital and substantial legal mastery required in getting office space. Hence the question becomes, why setup shop in Nairobi and not other cities?

The Benefits of Leasing an Office in Nairobi

Furnished Office to Let

Well, Nairobi’s improved infrastructure, vigorous economic sector, knowledgeable human resource, vibrant social scene and swelling suburban populace makes the green city under the sun a delightful destination for local and international commercial real estate investors.

Institutional financiers are focusing more on developing rental office spaces and industrial property, and this is evident from the ever increasing construction of modern office towers and complexes for rent and sale, that are visible around the city.

Due to heavy build-up of traffic which has become common within the Central Business District, many corporates have opted to move to less crowded areas such as Kilimani, Upper Hill and Westlands. For example, the World Health Organization, World Bank, the Coca Cola Company, as well as diplomatic missions like the British and Japanese Consulates all have their regional headquarters in the city’s financial district of Upper hill. Nonetheless, government offices, tertiary institutions, and service industries can still be found within the CBD as this is more convenient.

Pricing for most office spaces for rent is usually charged per square foot. Factors like the location of the property, quality of the building and availability of parking space also determine the rental price. When hiring an office in Nairobi, one has the option of choosing a fully furnished office, empty space or houses turned office space for rent.

Pictures credit: Jumia House & Flickr