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Houses for Rent Gigiri Nairobi

House for Rent Gigiri Nairobi

Gigiri is a secure and serene neighbourhood that is famed for accommodating a high number of international organisations and embassies. It is located about 15 minutes drive north west of Nairobi Central Business District, and is separated from the busy center by the Karura Forest.

The area is characterized by lavish houses and well-manicured greenery on expansive pieces of land. They are some of the most beautiful homes in Kenya.

Renting property is probably the most viable option as it offers more flexibility to house seekers, especially since the majority are expatriates and foreign dignitaries. The international organisations in the area include United Nations, World Food Program and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).  The area also hosts a large number of embassies including the Canadian, Swedish, Romanian, Brazilian, Rwandese and Morrocan embassies.

Just like in Runda and Karen, the high concentration of spacious homes with lush green gardens is mostly due to strict zoning regulations which dictates a maximum of one household per acre. This has enabled Gigiri to maintain its image of affluence. The suburb also has one of the city’s best infrastructure. This includes well-lit road networks whose entry and exit points are well articulated. It also boasts of well-maintained water supply and sewerage systems, with proper delivery and disposal mechanisms that help keep its environment spotlessly clean.  Apart from the Gigiri Police post, most of the establishments have set up highly secure frameworks within and around their properties, creating an overall secure setting for most of the residents.

Luxury Homes for Rent in Gigiri

Gigiri Serviced Houses for Rent

The rental charges for houses in Gigiri are predetermined by the size, location, and given the strict zoning regulations, the curb appeal also plays a major role. In 2014, the price range is anything between KSh 200,000 to as much as KSh 1,000,000. Many of the houses for rent in Gigiri are fully equipped with modern furniture, are ideal for house sharing, ideal for ambassadorial housing, and have been approved by organizations such as the UN and consulates.

The presence of consulates, and multilateral and bilateral organizations has generally improved the quality of life in the area. It has also led to the development of both small and large businesses within, and influenced the growth of surrounding districts. For example, property developers in partnership with area associations have established a number of modest affordable housing for people who work within Gigiri but would like to reside a bit further away. As a result, neighbouring areas like Ruaka, Gachie, Banana and Parklands have benefited from this and experienced an increase in their population. 

The suburb’s proximity to the city center and social amenities such as the Village Market and the upcoming mixed-use developments e.g Two Rivers, offers shopping and recreational variety to the residents. There are also international schools, multiple restaurants and cafes, and hospitals such as Getrude’s Children Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital, available in the area.

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