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Kenya offers a very active real estate market with many possibilities for those looking to get houses for rent in Nairobi. In the past, rental houses in Nairobi were associated with low income households that could not afford to build or buy a house. However, over the years, the ever increasing urban population, coupled with an increase in the number of construction and financial players in the Nairobi real estate market, has forced the leasing sector to diversify in order to cover the middle and upper class.

Today, there are many different types of houses for rent in Nairobi. From luxury houses that can host a large number of tenants in quiet neighbourhoods like houses for rent in Karen, Muthaiga or Runda, to midrange family or 1 bedroom houses for rent in Lavington or Kilimani. It is also possible to easily find houses for rent in more bustling areas like Westlands and Ongata Rongai which are famous for being residential, recreational and commercial neighbourhoods. In the latter neighbourhood, you can find 1 bedroom houses to let. One can also get lands for sale in Nairobi Central, apartments for rent, office spaces for rent and even other commercial property for rent in Nairobi Central.

Furnished House to Let

If one needs to be in the city for a short term, renting agreements are usually the best option because of their flexibility and adaptability to the tenant’s needs. Furnished or semi-furnished houses for rent, though a bit costly, are ideal because they save the tenant the hustle of investing in furniture and later having to worry about disposing them without making a big loss.

Things You Need to Know before Renting a House in Nairobi

Even though leases are generally quite flexible and not as strict as mortgages, there are important elements to consider before committing to a contract. For example, be sure to physically take a tour of the house you wish to rent before signing any contract or cheque. Confirm that the rental house does exist and that it is in good condition. Additionally, carefully read through the tenancy agreement. That is, read through the number of months that you will be able to stay in the house, the amount to be paid and what it covers, and what options are available should you need to vacate the premises before the agreed period elapses.

In order to guarantee a reasonable price, it is advisable to do some research on the current market prices to ensure a fair transaction. Finally, make an inventory of the any furniture or breakages you find when you move in, or renovations that you incur because this will affect your deposit and how much you can claim back. For more useful and detailed tips on houses to let in Nairobi Kenya please refer to the Jumia House journal.

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