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Hurlingham Apartments Nairobi

Vibrant Hurlingham

Hurlingham is considered to be a lively and modern suburb area located 15 minutes away from downtown Nairobi, Kenya. Housing units in this area are very popular among the community. Hurlingham, Nairobi apartments exist here due to the limited space available. The properties that one can find here generally offer comfort and well-designed interiors that have attracted the attention of the expat community. There are also many different types available. This includes both unfurnished and fully furnished apartments in Hurlingham, Nairobi which are varied depending on a buyer or tenant’s preference.

Hurlingham is highly sought after, as it offers quick and easy access to all surrounding areas. From business centres to leisure facilities. This upmarket, residential and commercial area is home to a number of media companies, NGO’s, banks, 5 star restaurants, guest houses, medical and shopping. 

Apartments in Hurlingham Nairobi

The flats in this suburb, are spacious and are customised  to suit a buyer or renters needs and wants, to make you feel at home. Most are located close to amenities, such as shopping malls, hospitals and schools. Furthermore, the well-known YAYA Center is located walking distance.

Buy, Rent, Flat in Hurlingham

Most apartment blocks are sky high, above five storeys high, with balconies, communal swimming pools and 24 hour security employees. The expensive apartment complexes come with luxuries amenities, saunas, gyms and health clubs. They are mainly popular with expats and local Kenyans, single professional, young families with young children or aid workers.

Hurlingham Estate

Hurlingham Estate is a magnificent residential estate in Nairobi. It is well maintained with well designed and built houses and apartments near to key roads, in good condition. Valley Road, for example leads to Hurlingham from Nairobi Central Business District and Ngong Road branches off into the heart of the neighbourhood.   

With the new and modern buildings offer the residents a high level of privacy and security that other areas may not offer. Furthermore, police officers are available 24 hours, seen roaming the estate at two places, the CID Milimani Offices and Kilimani Police Station on Lenana Road.

The prices of apartments in Hurlingham, Kenya are high valued due to the exclusivity of the estate. Where a 3 bedroom apartment sells for KSh 12 million and rents for KSh 90,000 in 2015.  

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