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Apartments for Rent in Imara Daima

Rise of Imara Daima Apartments in Nairobi

Imara Daima is a division of Embakasi South and one of the 17 parliamentary constituencies in Nairobi. The well-orchestrated and highly sought after suburb is in-between the wide spread concrete shantytown of Embakasi North and the premium South B estate. The area is accessible via Mombasa road, Enterprise road and the Outer Ring road.

Imara Daima is a middle class suburb whose houses and apartments for sale and rent are clustered into organized courts. In most cases, these courts have a single gate entrance. The houses for sale and rent in this neighbourhood are often single units. Although these housing units are on at most 1/8 acres of land, they are usually spacious enough to include parking space and a little playground for the children. This also applies to the apartments. Zoning regulations were reinforced in the area after authorities observed the negative consequences of unrestricted development in other parts of Embakasi.

Initially, the neighbourhood begun as a community development with mostly 2-3 bedroom houses. However, the demand for apartments became much higher, especially since rental prices for those in the neighbouring South C and B estates became more costly. Consequently, property developers took note and constructed affordable yet tastefully finished blocks in Imara Daima. Today, 2 bedroom apartments , Imara Daima are common. The real estate development rate was so high in that zoning policies was almost never observed.

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Renting a Flat : Life in the Neighbourhood

Imara Daima has undergone many changes in the last few years. In the past, the area was riddled with messy roads and malfunctioning water and sewerage systems. All this is in the past. Thanks to government efforts, the location's local infrastructure has been revamped. This includes re-carpeting of roads and the expansion of water supply. At the same time, Nairobi’s fastest and most advanced railway station was established in Imara Daima. It now takes local residents less than 10 minutes to get to the central business district.

In terms of rental flats, the area is now known to have modernly designed studio apartments, 2-3 bedroom apartments and lofts. The area is also known to have some of the best cheap apartments in Nairobi. One of these is the Imara Daima 1 bedroom apartment for rent . The prices are especially low when compared to estates such as Kilimani or even neighbouring Mlolongo. In 2015, leasing flats can cost one between KSh 20,000 to as much KSh 70,000 in monthly rent. The homes come with master ensuite, spacious rooms and fitted kitchens. Some also come with a shared garden and a borehole as back up water supply.