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Affordable and Convenient Rental Apartments in Kahawa West

Apartments for Rent in Kahawa West

Kahawa West is a fast growing area that has attracted many real estate developers. It is located northeast of Nairobi’s Central Business District, off the Thika Superhighway on Kamiti Road. The area’s local authority has greatly invested in its infrastructure. This is evident from the well maintained and well lit roads that connect it to the main highway and to adjacent neighbourhoods such as Githurai, Kahawa Wendani and further north to Thika.

The area is easily accessible from the CBD either through using the Thika Superhighway or connecting to Kiambu Road using the Northern Bypass. The public transport system in the area operates on a 24 hour basis which makes commuting very convenient.

With the growing number of middle class shifting their focus to the outskirt of Nairobi, the Kahawa West estate offers a great opportunity for them to rent a flat at an affordable price. The developers having realized this, have embarked on constructing attractive high and low cost apartments, to fit to the varying budgets.

A Variety of Apartments on Offer in Kahawa West

Spacious Rental Apartment in Kahawa West

Apartments for rent and sale in Kahawa West are characterized by excellent finishes, 24 hour security, ample supply of water and parking space. Most of them are within close proximity of major shopping malls such as Thika Road Mall, Mountain Mall, Garden City, banks, outdoor markets, clinics and other service businesses.  There are also a number of reputable private and public schools within the area. This ensures a comfortable life for the residents as they do not have to travel to the CBD or Thika to get the services they need. With regard to security, the area is reasonably secure what with the presence of Kiamumbi Police Post and the Military Baraks which is not too far away.

Kahawa West offers a wide range of rental apartments. From spacious studio apartments and 1 -  2 bedroom apartments for single persons or smaller families, to 4 or 3 bedroom apartments for bigger families. These units are some of the most affordable apartments in Nairobi. For instance, a typical studio apartment costs around KSh 15,000 while for a 2 – 3 bedroom apartment one would pay between KSh 25,000 – 45,000 per month depending on whether or not it is furnished.

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