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Apartments in Karen Nairobi

Karen Homes: A Slice of Paradise

Karen estate, an affluent suburb in Nairobi, lies in the south west of the city centre. It is named after Karen Blixen, a Danish author who is famous for writing the colonial memoir, ‘Out of Africa’. Her farm, a vast coffee plantation, is said to have occupied the land on which the suburb is now built. It was converted to a residential area in later years in order to cater for Nairobi’s fast growing population.

The pristine suburb, known for its opulence and serenity borders Ngong’ Road forest and Langata estate. It is the home to the Ngong’ Racecourse and is popular among the wealthier Kenyans and foreigners. The apartments and houses for sale in Karen are some of the best a high income can acquire.

Apartments in Karen: Yes, They Exist!

The mere mention of Karen conjures up in the minds of Kenyans images of affluence, security and tranquility. The green and leafy suburb is probably one of Nairobi’s most sought after neighborhoods. Its reputation precedes it. The houses for rent in Karen Nairobi and the other rental properties offer the best quality that money can buy. They are home to some of the Kenyan political and corporate bigwigs. The suburb also plays host to several internationally acclaimed organizations and institutions for instance the Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen Museum, Brookhouse School, Hillcrest School and Banda School. These schools provide highly academically qualified students who can compete anywhere in the global job market. Indigenous forests such as Ngong’, Olulua Fully Furnished Apartments for Rent and Kibiku are also found within. These not only contribute to the green environment and outdoor sports opportunities, they also helps to purify the air around the vast residential area.

If you do not want to buy or rent a house, then how about renting an flat? Many people do not think it is possible, a misconception. There are plenty of apartments for rent is Karen Nairobi, as is evident from Jumia House’s listings. These flats for rent range from studio apartments, 2- 3 bedroom apartments, lofts and even 5 or 6 bedroom flats. In 2015, the rent charged ranges from as low as KSh 30,000 to KSh 450,000 per month. The price differences are influenced by the location, property features, age of the building e.t.c.

Generally, the idea of flats here is almost unheard of as Karen is embodied by standalone houses on large tracts of land. This is unlike other areas, say Westlands and Kilimani, which are known to have a variety of options when it comes to rental flats. The development of these Karen apartments came about as a result of the demand for high quality flats which were not present in neighbouring Langata, Ngong and Mbagathi areas. Today, penthouses and tastefully designed flats can be seen as one approaches the suburb.