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 Land for Sale in Karen

Karen, a suburb located south west of Nairobi's Central Business District, has over the years experienced significant growth in development. Initially founded as a coffee plantation, the area was turned into residential lots by a developer in 1931, and has since grown into one of the most sought after areas in Nairobi. It provides a variety of choices, particularly in terms of houses for sale and rent, and in rental apartments.

Buying land in Karen has been a lifelong dream for many. Now, various factors such as an increase in the number of development projects and competitive prices, are making this investment dream more achievable. Additionally, the growth of a middle class who want to pay premium prices for serenity has facilitated the progression of this neighborhood.

Just like Westlands, Karen has benefited from Nairobi's reputation as East Africa's investment and financial center. The heightened interest in investing within the capital city has created a scramble for land in and around it. This has resulted in groups such as Nairobi Business Park, and 5-star hotels like Hemmingways and the prestigious Cullingham Gardens, setting shop in neighborhoods like Karen, which still have developable space to offer. At the same time, international non-governmental organizations like World Vision Farmland for Sale in Karenand Red Cross have played a role in diversifying the suburban’s community, which now consists of a mix of expats and locals.

Tips about Land for Sale in Karen Nairobi

Interested in land for sale in Karen? Karen's status as one of Nairobi's prime locations for real estate ownership is enhanced by its articulate road infrastructure and proximity to major amenities like banks, schools, hospitals and shopping malls. The area is served by two police stations and a number of private security. This factor has reaffirmed the security situation for the residents and boosted confidence among those interested in investing in Karen.

Before purchasing land in Karen, the following need to be considered. First, if you are buying land for construction purposes, be sure to consider the location of the plot and its proximity or access to water supply, roads and electricity lines. Most of the time, these factors also influence the price of the parcel of land. If you want to buy a plot without intending to develop it, then you probably should pay attention to those which have a high value that is expected to rise.

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