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Kiambu: A Thriving Capital of a growing County

Kiambu is a thriving town adjacent to the north of Nairobi County. The town is the headquaters of one of the fastest growing counties in the country; Kiambu County. The town is primarily termed as rural but with a steadily increasing urban population, which has resulted from rapid growth and development in the adjacent Nairobi County.

New Developments, Agriculture and Amazing Coffee

The town is known mostly for its agricultural practices, with coffee and tea plantations being the main cash crop. However, many of the towns’ investors, land owners, and small scale farmers have also transformed their thousands and thousands of acres of land into development sites. Thus, the housing market in the town is steadily growing. 

One such recent development is Tatu city; a project by local and international investors in partnership with the Kiambu County government that seeks provide affordable housing to more than 62,000 residents. This development is sitting on more than a thousand hectares of land formerly occupied by coffee and Beautiful Plantations in Kiambutea.

This move has attracted more investors from across international borders to establish more developments and industries in Kiambu town. The said developments include Migaa and Buffalo hills, and industries like Pepsi Company and Global Furniture store IKEA are already constructing their regional bases.

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There is a variety of modest housing and apartments cropping within and on the outskirts of the town. The  charges range from KSh 8,000 to KSh. 30,000 for houses for rent in Kiambu, and KSh 4,500,000 to Ksh. 100,000,000 for houses for sale in Kiambu. The costs mostly depend on the location the ardent property seeker finds suitable. Major social amenities like banks, shopping malls, recreational centres are also available in Kiambu town, and have helped in creating employment opportunities.

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