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houses for Sale in Kiambu road

Houses for Sale in Kiambu

Houses for sale in Kiambu County are generally affordable and stylish. They are constructed in a range of types consisting of apartments for sale in Kiambu, single-family houses for sale in Kiambu, detached houses and townhouses for sale in Kiambu. The properties offer impeccable finishings with spacious layouts that offer ample amount of sunlight, high ceilings and well-maintained greenery have all been merged to provide the buyer with a quality of lifestyle.

The layout of a typical house for sale in Kiambu consists of a spacious kitchen area, where the kitchen has been carefully installed with a massive breakfast island too for large families and entertainment purposes. The kitchen also consists of many shelves hidden in a separate pantry for extra storage. The kitchen has been designed with the thought of large appliances in mind and spacious enough to allow an ample working space.

Houses for sale on Kiambu Road have been installed with modern features. These include: internal digital systems, the latest installation of fire alarms and hydrators just in case of a fire accident, and wifi connected to each room. The purpose of these features is to achieve the best houses in the area.

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Kiambu the Commercial Hub

Kiambu is an innovative commercial hub that shares borders with five other towns, Nakuru, Kajiado, Murang’a, Nyandarua and Nairobi. The town is known for its coffee plantations on the outskirts of Nairobi. As of recently the coffee farm owners are opening their farms to real estate developments targeting the housing market for its high level of investment return, where the price of land has doubled in the last five years.

The real estate boom has persisted in the past five years as the economy grew. This has created a new class of home buyers who have modern tastes and preferences, and who are dictating the activity in the economy. These home buyers are willing to pay for the additional value, which delivered a higher demand of affluent residential properties with amenities such as common playground, swimming pools and retail malls. Many posh residential estates have sprung up in the area within recent years, such as the Rosslyn Heights and W&K Estate, built for the upper-class resident.