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Comfort, Convenience & Affordability by Buying apartment house in Kilimani

Furnished Flat for Sale

Buying or renting an apartment all comes down to a matter of affordability and principle. Those who settle for renting tend to enjoy peace of mind knowing there are no maintenance costs, mortgage payments, taxes or fluctuating interesting rates. The idea of settling on a monthly rate of payments seems significantly advantageous to some who do not like dealing with unpredictable financial obligations.

Currently, the real estate market trends in Kenya dictate that the demand for apartments for sale has skyrocketed in the last couple of years due to increased disposable income, low interest rates and inflationary trends. One of the locations that has seen significant property development is Kilimani area in Nairobi. The neighbourhood is a medium to upscale residential and commercial estate with close proximity to the Nairobi Central Business District and Westlands area.

Due to its strategic location, most of the apartment development in Kilimani are conveniently situated near great infrastructure or within close proximity to social amenities like Yaya Centre Shopping Mall, Nakumatt Prestige, international schools and a number of health facilities. In addition, attributed to the large demand for these flats, the architectural design, curb appeal, size, and cost of these homes for sale are unique to the requirements of the potential home owner. In order to achieve variety, these purchasable flats are built and offered with different factors in mind namely, luxury or semi – luxury homes, furnished or Apartment for Sale in Kilimaniunfurnished, studio apartment, lofts, garden or duplex types of apartments.

Benefits of Buying a Flat in Kilimani Nairobi

The ardent property seeker looking to buy an apartment in Kilimani will find it advantageous in the long run due to the following reasons. Firstly, the amount of space available in an apartment for sale is incomparable to apartments for rent. Secondly, the new apartment owner will experience an improved credit ratings from financial institutions, tax deductions on interests paid on loans and most importantly, increased value of the property over time.

A standard 2 – 3 bedroom apartment for sale in Kilimani is in 2014 priced at around KSh 10 million to KSh 40 million, the price being predetermined by great curb appeal, property features and proximity to social amenities. Those that come fully furnished also offer various flat services like cleaning and maintenance. Some go the extra mile to provide a gas line, internet and subscription TV directly to the apartment. This affords great convenience and comfort to the home owner.

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