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Houses for Rent in Kitisuru

Love Country? Love Kitisuru Houses for Rent

Kitisuru is located about 10 kilometres northwest of the Nairobi Central Business District. It is a serene upscale residential suburb that is rated as one of the capital’s most select neighbourhoods. Its homely fondness comes from a twist of country like setup blended with contemporary designs. The all-round suburbia is home to a number of exceptionally spacious townhouses, bungalows and villas which are coupled with well-manicured gardens in the 0.5 – 1 acre pieces of land they sit on.  

Other neighbourhoods that are similar to Kitisuru include NyariGigiri, Runda and Westlands. These are also held in equally high regard and are managed under strict regulations.  This policy has influenced the general feel and look of the suburb if not improved it. In a joint effort with the county authorities, the move to enforce the regulations has made Kitisuru a top tier destination for luxurious property.

The good road infrastructure has made the area easily accessible. Although public transport is restricted in some parts, bus stops are stationed at strategic junctions and corners. Feeder roads through the neighbouring areas like Westlands, Runda and Gigiri help ease the slow traffic that sometimes piles up.

Renting a Home in Kitusuru

Furnished Luxurious Villas, Kitisuru

The area has a low to medium multicultural population with a significant number of owner occupied houses. However, the past few years has seen an increase in developments by real estate agents. The houses, apartments and land for sale and rent in Kitisuru are some of the most expensive in Kenya. For example, the Magnolia Hills Homes are currently the most beautiful and expensive homes in Kenya, raking about $10 million.

The expat faction hunting for houses for rent will most definitely find Kitisuru highly ideal considering its setup and proximity to multiple foreign offices. Additionally, the presence of these foreign offices has significantly boosted the security situation in the area. Mainly due to the prominent presence of security forces in the offices and houses of these individuals. The prices stamped on these rental houses range from KSh 100,000 to KSh 700,000 depending on property features.

Unless located within a gated community, the homes for rent in Kitisuru do not share the same kind of architectural designs. Each house has its uniqueness and curb appeal that distinguishes them, generally making them stand out and attractive to both local and foreign residents.  

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