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Houses for Sale in Kitisuru: A blend of Country and Modernity

Other than the pride of home ownership, there are certain benefits if one buys a home in a neighborhood like Kitisuru. A little less than 11 km kilometers northwest of the Nairobi Central Business District lies this unperturbed, ritzy, residential suburbia whose long esteemed area valuation has preceding generations. The unique blend of contemporary fittings and country setup inflicts a nostalgic fondness that can only be experienced in the countryside. The difference is that everything else you could only find in the capital city is readily available here.

Within Kitisuru is one of Kenya’s most lavish homes raking almost Ksh 1 billion in property valuations. Overall, the houses for sale in Kitisuru and rent in this suburb are characterized by well-manicured lawns, really spacious rooms which are coupled with modern fittings. Most are situated on 1 acre pieces of land for sale on Kitisuru.

Buy Lavish, Spacious and Secure Homes in Kitisuru

Buy a Home in Kitisuru

Speaking of land, some of the homes for sale have utilized the large tracts that surround them by putting up extra outdoor features like swimming pools, fish ponds or even a fully-equipped sports courts and fields. Most of the compounds are big and scenic enough to hold events and other such activities.

The area is also furnished with superb road infrastructure which makes it convenient to commute within and to neighbouring places like Runda, Lower Kabete, Ridgeways and even further to Lavington. This applies for both private car owners and those who use public transport. There are bus stops at almost every major junction, and the roads are well lit and marked for ease of navigation.

Similar to neighbourhoods like Karen, Lavington and Muthaiga, Kitisuru has strict zoning regulations which have influenced its all-around look and fee. These neighborhood policies have helped the lush suburbia maintain its attractive status quo. The area’s low population consists of more than 40% of the expat faction whose offices are located in nearby Gigiri, Spring Valley, and Westlands. Popular in Kitisuru is the Kitisuru Gardens, which is situated right next to the prestigious suburb of Kitisuru Westlands, Nairobi.

The market price, as of 2015, for a typical 3 - 4 bedroom home ranges between KSh 50 million to as much KSh 600 million depending on property’s indoors and outdoor features. In terms of security, the houses for sale in this leafy suburb are well fenced, guarded and fitted with security systems. Also accessible are 3 fully equipped police stations, i.e. Kitisuru, Spring Valley and Kabete Police Stations.