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The Perfect Time to Rent Lavington Apartments

Lavington Accommodation for Rent

Nairobi’s real estate market is vibrant and offers a plethora of different properties around its many districts. With the hustle and bustle of Nairobi’s busy city lifestyle, settling down in a quiet serene area, preferably in an apartment, is the ideal choice for many. A majority of residents in Nairobi find themselves in such scenarios, which consequently leads to an influx of people to the well-kept suburbs like Lavington.

Lavington is one of Nairobi’s most popular green haven. It lies halfway between the busier areas of Hurlingham and Westlands. It boasts of beautifully finished rental apartment blocks with well-maintained gardens. There are many different types of apartments for rent in Lavington depending on the tenants’ needs and wants. Ranging from cosy 1-3 bedroom flats to luxury penthouse to let, they offer an unprecedented level of comfort and flexibility to tenants and landlords alike. Most flats in Lavington come partially or fully furnished and a significant number provide a garden or well-tendered lawn. The neighbourhood also offers many beautiful houses for rent and homes for sale.

Flats in Lavington

It has Never been Better to Rent a Flat in Lavington

Finding an apartment in Lavington is a much easier process if done online, and Jumia House has a comprehensive catalog for those looking to rent in the area with over 600 flats listed. There is an exponential demand for housing in this particular area and it is part of Jumia House’s top five most searched areas for property in Nairobi. In 2014, the lease price ranges from KSh. 50,000 to KSh. 350,000. The difference in rental price is brought about by factors like ease of access, type of contract attached to the apartment, date of construction, while size is a subsidiary consideration when deciding to rent an apartment. Lavington’s flats are beautifully designed and come with a variety of great extras, such as swimming pools, gyms, and club houses. They vary from 1 bedroom apartments to those with 3 bedrooms for rent. The public transport system is extensive and well-connected with a several public transport service lines.

There are also lots of properties around Lavington that you might be interested. You might also want to check out our listing of offices for rent, townhouses for rent and single family houses for rent.

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