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Commercial Premises for Sale, Lavington

Commercial Real Estate Properties for Sale in Lavington Nairobi

In Nairobi city, the current trend is that more and more companies are moving out of the Central Business District. This is mainly due to the fact that this central location is frequently occasioned by traffic snarl ups, exorbitant prices charged per square foot of office space, and the scarcity of land to develop on.

Lavington is one of the few very strict residential suburbs that is steadily experiencing a rise in commercial properties. Other areas are Kilimani and Upper Hill. For the longest time, residents of this leafy neighbourhood had Lavington Green shopping center as the only source of commercial services like banking, retail stores and health facilities. The rest of the neighbourhood was houses for sale and rent, apartments for sale and rent, and land for sale.

Today, the area is spotted with several business centers and complexes such as Lavington Mall and Lavington Curve. These two have opened up the availability of business space in the area. Major brands like Subway, KFC, Big Square, Nakumatt, Barclays, Shell and many others have brought life to the once very commercially dull estate.

Types of Business Properties for Sale in Lavington Area.

Business Space for Sale in Lavington

There are several commercial spaces available for small and medium enterprises which are looking for scalable retail purposes. The towering malls in Lavington provide high speed lifts, back- up generators, ample supply of electricity and water and parking space. Thus ascertaining smooth running of business. The buildings are also supplied with state of the art security systems. That is, 24 hour security teams, alarm systems, and CCTV cameras placed in every floor.

The majority of the buildings where one can purchase commercial space offer internet connectivity and intercom systems. This affords ease of communication amongst community members, in addition to giving a company that competitive edge as a commercial entity. Keep in mind that not all spaces available are in form of traditional offices, there are also many commercial homes for sale.

With such widespread provision of commercial space in Lavington, whether you are a small, medium or a large trade, there is enough retail space for you. Space is measured and sold per square feet making it easy for potential business premises owners to determine exactly how much they will need. The selling price for most  commercial real estate properties range from KSh 200,000 per square feet to as much as KSh 1,000,000 per square feet.

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