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Houses to Rent Lavington Nairobi

Houses in Lavington : Your Best Choice

The vibrant real estate market of the lush green suburb of Lavington Nairobi, presents a variety of choices to potential investors. The area lies between Westlands and Kilimani area and is a few kilometres North West of the country’s only metropolis.

With multiple business and shopping centres at close proximity, and a myriad of beautiful well finished houses at reasonable prices to choose from, it is almost impossible for potential home owners to settle for just one property. The area’s image as a prime lot for luxury real estate such as houses for sale, apartments for rent and sale and commercial development has been mainly due to the rising middle class, which has instigated a demand for property.

Houses for rent in Lavington are mostly built as individual units or bundled in well-orchestrated courts that have one entry point. Finding a rental home that is available is not a problem. It all boils down to what the potential home owner is looking for.

Lavington Houses vs Lavington Apartments

Lavington Accomodation for Rent

The homes for rent are designed to meet contemporary standards set to satisfy and appeal to ardent seekers. The rent stamped on these homes vary according to its location, size, property description and proximity to social amenities and services. On average, in 2015 the prices range from KSh 50,000 to approximately KSh 450,000 per month. There are some rental houses in this neighbourhood which serve as both residential and commercial space, especially for start-ups and small medium enterprises.

The area’s infrastructure is one of the best in the city, and it includes a well-lit road network, functioning drainage and sewerage system, and a proper water system. Additionally, the neighbourhood is served by an elaborate public transport system with multiple loops and bus stops for the public service vehicles.

As mentioned earlier, Lavington is mostly made up of stand-alone houses. There are also many townhouses, semi-detached houses and a few mansions. Many people prefer renting houses to because apartments tend to be more complex in offering modification considerations. Additionally, houses to let often come with extra elements such as garages and yards, and can accommodate children and pets more easily. On the other hand, flats often come with swimming pools, gyms and other recreational facilities which may be too expensive to install for a single house.

Finally, if privacy is a primary factor for you then a detached house will fit to your lifestyle. An apartment can still offer privacy, but it will not totally seclude you from rowdy neighbours.

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