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House for Sale in Lavington

Houses for Sale in Lavington Nairobi: Features and Aspects

Initially established as Catholic center called St. Austin’s Mission by the French Holy Ghost Fathers, the area presently known as Lavington is one Nairobi’s most sought-after residential neighborhoods. The former information pretty much explains why there is a high prevalence of Catholic establishments and Catholic-sponsored organizations in the suburb.

The middle to upscale suburbia is strategically located northwest of the Greater Nairobi Central Business District. It's lush, energetic and insightful property market offers multiple options for prospective investors looking for land, office space for sale, apartments for sale or houses for sale in Lavington Nairobi. The variety of sensibly priced modern and well-finished homes and business premises to choose from makes for quite a task when deciding which property to settle for.

The rising demand for good homes built to international standards in neighboring Kilimani, Hurlingham and Westlands area has played a key role in the emergence of the top-tier housing and luxury real estate. This is especially with regard to unique curb appeal, architectural designs, interior designs, and extras such as furnishing, security systems, and housekeeping services. The townhouses for sale in Lavington Nairobi are truly worth considering. Other areas also experiencing this new trend include Karen and Runda.

Lavington Estate Nairobi’s road network is well stationed with several feeder roads running through the suburb. The streets offer multiple alternatives for getting to and from the city center, as well as other parts of Nairobi. The public transport system is equally well laid out with bus stops available at strategic corners and junctions. This offers a convenient means for residents without private vehicles.

Furnished Houses for Sale, Lavington

Lavington Houses for Sale : Making the Decision

One of the elements that brings elegance to an area is zoning regulations. These strict residential policies have Lavington Nairobi houses for sale organized in individual units or clumped in well-orchestrated communities which have carefully planned routes and driveways.

Buying a home is not very complicated. It all boils down to what the ardent property seeker is searching for. The standards put by most real estate developers while constructing these homes for sale surpass the expectations of most potential homeowners. Especially in terms of size, curb appeal and both indoor and outdoor features of the estate. There are several single sized houses and family-sized bungalows available in Lavington Nairobi Real Estate .

For example, in Chalbi Drive, it is possible to purchase a 6 bedroom townhouse which has been built to include disability-friendly features and minimum energy functionalities. It is also possible to buy a house near Lavington Mall, with the same number of bedrooms but the added advantage of maximum energy efficient functionalities. As expected, these two townhouses will vary in price because of the location and extra features. Nonetheless, the price range, in 2015, remains between KSh 22 million to around KSh 80 million. Let the house hunting begin!

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