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Land for Sale, Lavington

Land for Sale in Lavington Nairobi

Everyone who has invested in real estate would unanimously agree that land is the soundest investment one can make. Even better is to buy land and build your dream home. This is the mind-set that is driving the investment agenda all around Kenya. Many who are planning to capitalize in real estate will first buy a piece of land somewhere before engaging their resources on other securities. Given the current land rush, and especially in Nairobi, certain areas have been known to sell really fast and yield great returns. Lavington Nairobi is one of Kenya’s prime areas that is known for its pristine environment and as a property haven for many.

Lying between Westlands and Kileleshwa,and neighbouring Kilimani, the highly energetic and delightful suburb is approximately 7 km from the Nairobi Central Business District. Acclaimed for its exceptionally vibrant business and recreational centres, Lavington has many social amenities spread across the property inundated suburb. The location has a medium to high population consisting of the middle and upper class, whose ever growing presence has significantly increased the demand for property. As it stands, there exists a great demand for houses for sale and rent, and Lavington apartments are also very popular.

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Undeveloped Land VS Developed Land for Sale in Nairobi

Land is an important asset in Lavington and this is attributed to the fact that the area is a prime destination for luxury real estate. Other neighbourhoods that share similar fame are Runda and Karen. Buying undeveloped land is a wise investment decision that presents unlimited potential for development. Plots for sale in this location can be used for just about anything, and is not within the strict zoning set out by the local county authorities. In addition, it costs significantly less to buy undeveloped lots compared to developed lots.

The neighbourhood being one of the top areas in Nairobi with a high demand for property, undeveloped acreage will still increase in value over time. Keep in mind that given its close proximity to the city, the zoning regulations affect how land can be utilized or designed. However, this only affects developed spaces for sale. The best time to invest in undeveloped land is now. In 2015, the price charged for say 0.5 acre of unused land ranges from KSh 50 million to at most KSh 120 million. For developed land the amount ranges from KSh 150 million to as much as KSh 250 million.

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