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The Commercial Environment along Mombasa Road

Commercial Property for Rent on Mombasa Road

Mombasa Road is a key transit route for East and Central Africa. Imports and exports from Kenya’s neighbouring countries use this road to transport goods from the Port of Mombasa. The highway area has in the past few years transformed from an empty zone catering for long distance vehicles, to a buzzing business area. This is due to various factors.  First off, the good infrastructure along the major highway has led to an increase in the number of industrial zones long the road. In turn, the well planned industrial zones have facilitated job creation in the area. Secondly, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, which is located here, has helped in growing the commercial real estate sector.

In addition, with the increase of import/export activities, industrial parks have been erected to accommodate the transportation, storage and even manufacturing of the goods. Moreover, Mombasa Road is well connected to other major parts of Nairobi city, though access roads and by-passes. For example, the Northern by-pass connects the road to the Thika super highway, while the Southern by-pass eases the transportation of goods in-land by linking to the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Renting Business Premises along Mombasa Road

Warehouse for Rent, Mombasa Road

When leasing office space along Mombasa Road, you can be assured that security is paramount within the commercial premises. This is noticeable from the double perimeter walls, electric fencing, and watch towers with search lights that are present in most business premises for rent. Additional security features include frequent patrols done by police and security firms assigned to the premises.

Warehouses for rent and offices to let along Mombasa Road offer ample supply of water, parking space and backup generators for business establishments. The rental charge for most of these commercial space is based on the square feet the potential tenant is looking for.

The presence of numerous estates along the road has makes working and living along the road easy. Living in estates such as South B and South C, Hazina, Plains View, Embakasi, and Imara Daima reduces the time needed to commute, making it convenient for the employees and business owners.

In terms of social amenities, there are plenty of shopping centers, hotels and restaurants which cater for the shopping and recreational needs. Also within the vicinity are health facilities such as Mater Hospital and Nairobi West Hospital, in case an accident occurs within the business premises.

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