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Land for Sale along Mombasa Road - Jumia House Kenya

From a Dusty Plain to a Business Sanctuary.

According to the Wealth Management and Global Real Estate company Knight Frank, over 30% of the Kenyan population believes that land is a rare virtue, and the potential returns from investing in it is nothing short of exceptional. One of Kenya's capital's prime spots for investing in land is along Mombasa Road.

Mombasa Road is classified as A109, a key transit route for the majority of passengers and cargo within East Africa and from the port of Mombasa to Nairobi City. As Nairobi continues to expand its metropolis, Mombasa Road is set to benefit from the expansion not only as a key transit route, but also as an area with relatively affordable land available. Already, areas like Mlolongo have risen as focal points for trucking businesses, storage of transit goods and extra office space for industries and companies.

The massive exodus of people to the outskirts of the city is a favourable factor that positions Mombasa Road as a viable area for property investment. There is already a huge demand for both commercial properties, houses and apartments to accommodate the businesses and families moving to the region.

Reasons to Buy Land along Mombasa Road

Land For Sale on Mombasa Road

The improved road infrastructure and the reestablishment of Syokimau and Imara Daima Railway Stations, have significantly reduced the horrific traffic snarl-up that used to be experienced on Mombasa Road. At the same time, the Southern and Eastern bypasses create transport corridors that will make the latent parts of the region easier to access, and the connection to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport even faster.

Consequently, this has attracted several real estate and industrial developers who are buying large tracts of land along the highway and dividing them into plots for sale or launching residential, institutional and commercial estates.  The presence of industrial and business parks such as Airtel Africa, Chandaria Industries, Sameer Africa, and multiple cement and furniture companies have helped elevate the area to one of the best places to own property in Kenya. The area is also known to host estates that offer a mix of affordable housing that suits all the economic classes. This includes some of the most affordable houses for sale and rent in Nairobi. Depending on its proximity to the main highway and social amenities, a 1 acre piece of land would in 2014 cost anything between Ksh 2.5 – 5 million.

Social amenities along Mombasa Road include luxury hotels such as Panari Sky Center and Ole Sereni, shopping complexes like Nakumatt Mega, Capital center and Naivas. There are also various schools, health facilities and smaller recreational facilities like cafes and restaurants on either side of the road. The region is connected to the estates like South B, South C, Nairobi West and connects to Athi River.

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