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Located less than 10 km from Nairobi along Limuru Road in Kiambu County is Ruaka, a fast growing neighbourhood, which pulls both local and international potential home owners from far and wide. In less than 5 years, the small, dusty village has rapidly advanced into a highly sought after satellite town.

The former a coffee plantation is now besprinkled with newly built and tastefully finished residential homes. This is because in an effort to capitalize on the town’s proximity to Nairobi, many coffee farmers opted to sell off their huge chunks of land to property developers, who have completely transformed the area’s appearance.

The neighbourhood serves as dormitory town for several locals and expats working for the blue chip companies, organizations and foreign embassies in the nearby Gigiri, Rosslyn and Runda area. These areas are famous for hosting multiple UN offices, the US embassy and a number of Public Benefit Organizations.

Ruaka Bright Future in Real Estate Market

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Ruaka town is serviced by well-maintained access roads to the city, in addition to the newly built Eastern by-pass connecting Limuru Road to Thika Super Highway and Mombasa Road. This development alone has accelerated the expansion of high density residential property in such a short time.

Many of the middle class populace are moving away from the teeming residential estates in Nairobi to Ruaka. The town has gained tremendous popularity for offering ultra-modern homes both for rent and sale at affordable prices. Their architectural designs and planning make these some of the most beautiful houses in Kenya.

Most houses for sale are tucked away in guarded gated communities and mixed-use developments. This kind of setup has created a cosmopolitan mentality amongst the community. A typical 3 – 4 bedroom house for sale would be sitting on at least an 1/8 acre piece of land with ample parking space, and spacious aesthetically finished rooms within. The cost of buying such a house ranges between KSh 15 million to KSh 35 million, depending on the property’s proximity to the tarmacked roads, and all round curb appeal. 

The presence of retail stores like Tuskys, Quickmart, etc, has improved convenience to access social amenities in the area.  The Aga Khan Foundation is in the process of completing its mixed use development in Ruaka, which will bring in even more major players in the financial, mechanical, political and social industries to the neighbourhood. As it stands, Ruaka town has steadily grown to be a regional property gem.

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