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House for Sale in Runda

Houses for Sale in Runda Nairobi - Classiest Estate

Established as Nairobi’s leading upscale neighborhood for over 20 years, Runda Estate is a rapidly increasing suburb strategically situated west of the Central Business District. It is located along the well-articulated Limuru Road. Runda was first established as a housing estate that would cater for the accommodation needs of expatriates. This was after the United Nation Environmental Programme rooted its regional headquarters in neighboring Gigiri in the early 1970’s. Today, the suburb is still popular among diplomats and foreign humanitarian workers. The lush, leafy environment has also attracted a lot of mixed-use developments such as Two Rivers.

The former coffee plantation is now a thriving property market with multiple houses,  apartments, and  offices on offer for rent and sale. Its beautiful appearance and layout are as a result of having an active resident association which plays a key role in maintaining high living standards. This is done by liaising with local authorities for enforcing strict zoning regulations. The association is also in charge of implementing policies that govern construction within Runda.

Tastefully Designed Houses for Sale in Runda Nairobi

Runda Villa for Sale

Anyone looking to buy a house in Runda will find that the units on offer have their distinctive features. Most of the houses are built with unique architectural designs, interior designs, finishes and vary in terms of the size of land it sits on. However, one common characteristic is that they all have articulately manicured lawns, driveways and a heavy security presence. Having multiple consulates and foreign mission offices like the American Embassy, situated within the vicinity has contributed to the stern security measures in the neighborhood.

Furthermore, the strong resident association ensures that the infrastructure is maintained at optimum standards. This includes labelled roads, update road signs, functioning sewerage, water, power and internet cables. These provisions are a joint effort between parastatals and private organizations and individuals, in an effort to improve the all-round curb appeal of the estate.

For those big families looking to buy the perfect multi-family home, or those searching for the ideal retirement home, then Runda is your answer. A 3 to 4 bedroom single unit home for sale would in 2015 sell at KSh 20 million to around KSh 35 million. A bigger 5 - 7 bedroom family house on at least 1 acre piece of land would cost around KSh 50 million to KSh 120 million. You can’t lack your choice of home In Runda! Move in Today!