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Apartments for Rent in South B

Life in South B

Less than 10 minutes away from the central business district is this Makadara division based estate commonly referred to as South B. The thriving estate is strategically located near Nairobi’s industrial area, along the dual carriage Nairobi-Mombasa highway, and near South C estate.

South B Nairobi has housing that can be termed as suitable for both the middle and lower class. These affordable housing units run from Mariakani all the way to Plains View. The neighbourhood is poised with a medium to high vibrant and multicultural population density that is coupled with different types of social and economic amenities. This creates an energetic exuberance which makes South B a wonderful place to settle.

The area’s success is attributed to its good infrastructure. South B has probably one of the city’s most elaborated public transport networks, with looping bus stops all around the estate. It is served by one police station which affords it sufficient security.

The industrial area, a predominant factory area which houses most of Kenya’s and East Africa’s manufacturers, has played a role in growing the neighbourhood. This is because many of the people who work in the factories and warehouses opt to live in South B as it is within walking distance. The presence of the manufacturing industries has also led to the emergence of small Flat in South Bbusinesses within the area.

Apartments in South B

Even though there exists a significant gap between the middle and lower class populace in South B, and  Kenya's second biggest slum, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, is housed here, there has been a lot of development in the estate. Although this is mostly in the form of houses in South B, the apartments in South B Nairobi have also sprung up in vast amounts. The government, in partnership with public benefit organizations, is in the process of rallying for low cost housing in the estate. Already, 40% of the slum has been converted into moderate low cost apartments. Especially, 2 bedroom apartments in south B . The ultimate plan is to do away with the whole slum by 2017 and replace it with decent housing for the locals.

The other side; Plains view estate to Hazina estate, is filled with towering modern, well built South B apartments for rent . Most of the apartments for sale in South B are priced between KSh 10 to 13 million. Rental costs range between KSh 15,000 to 65,000, with varying property descriptions, locations and proximity to social amenities. THe Flats in Nairobi South B estate come in different forms which include duplexes, penthouses and standard flats, both for rent and sale. Let Jumia House help you find your perfect apartment.

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