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 House for Rent in Spring Valley

Spring Valley; Nairobi’s hub for serenity and convenience

A little less than 6 km from Nairobi city centre lies the ever green and tranquil Spring Valley neighbourhood. The exclusive, lowly populated area is well known for its state of the art amenities, banks, international schools, and health facilities. Spring Valley Police station is also renowned for the good security services it offers to local residents. If anything, the police station is one of Nairobi’s most well maintained and well – stocked units.

The neighbourhood is favoured with good infrastructure which includes well maintained road networks, well-structured sewerage systems and reliable water supply. Its greenery has also, as much as possible, been maintained in its natural state. Its closest neighbours include Westlands, Loresho, Kitisuru and Parklands.

Features of the Houses for Rent in Spring Valley Nairobi

The area is characterised by a blend of modern and country-style houses for sale and rent. Most of these are Rental House with Modern Fittingsset on spacious, well-manicured compounds, with equally articulate driveways. Some of the houses for rent are found within gated communities, while others are in private enclosures.

Just like its neighbours, this quarter is under zoning regulations which help to maintain its plush appearance. However, the rules are less strict than areas such as Kitisuru and therefore it is possible to find a blend of houses and modern apartments. This is unlike other areas where houses and apartments are distinctly separated in organised courts.

For the many who yearn to live in a location designated for the middle to high income earners but with property ideal for multi-family setups, then Spring Valley is the place you. The neighbourhood is inundated with 3 to 5 bedroomed multi – storeyed houses for rent, usually all ensuite, with modern inbuilt fittings like wardrobes, granite tops, fireplaces and tiled floors. These homes for rent offer exceptionally spacious bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

For anyone looking to lease a bit of luxury, some of the houses offer extra features like swimming pools and jacuzzis. Overall, the rental price on average ranges from KSh 150,000 to KSh 300,000 depending on what is on offer, the size and age of the house, and its proximity to main roads and amenities.

Pictures by Jumia House & Flickr