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Apartments in Westlands - Furnished Apartments in Westlands

Westlands Apartment Nairobi

Apartments in Westlands Nairobi

Westlands is located northwest of the Central Business District of Nairobi. This, alongside Upper Hill, is where between the 1990’s and 2000’s more and more businesses relocated to as the land for office space was readily available and less expensive.

Westlands Nairobi is an ideal location for having a flat. This is because it is a bustling neighbourhood where one can easily access service and recreational amenities. There exists a wide range of commercial activities which range from shopping complexes, office space, entertainment centers, food and drink joints e.t.c. Most of the Westlands apartments are located along major roads and are within easy reach form bus and matatu stations. This western suburb is also preferred by many because it offers easy access to the CBD, the northern parts of Nairobi as well as the south western parts i.e Lavington and Kilimani areas.

At the same time, the houses and apartments here are held in high regard in terms of quality. These modern, spacious, housing units are comparable to flats available in areas such as Kileleshwa and Lavington. These apartments come already connected with water and electricity, and are often within gated communities, which enhances security.

Serviced Apartments, Westlands Nairobi

Buy A Flat in Westlands

If you need to live somewhere for more than a month, but less than a year, a furnished apartment in the Westlands will be the perfect choice for you. These apartments come with the added advantage of having its own furniture and amenities.

There are many types of furnished apartments, which you can rent or buy. Some may come with the basics such as a couch, a bed and some tables. Others, are also known as “corporate apartments” and are designed for business travelers, come fully furnished plus appliances, such as dishwasher, decor and bed linens.  

These flats are suitable for anyone who is looking for accommodation. Homeowners may end up getting one of these homes for a short time while their house is being built. For the travelers, who are staying for a few months, the rental flats make a wonderful option if you need a semi-permanent housing but want the security and comfort of a real home instead of a hotel room.

More and more people have over the years begun realizing that flats are just as profitable an investment as are houses. Many homeowners are opting to get an apartment for sale, furnish it and rent it out for both long and short term stay.