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Apartment for Sale in Westlands

Westlands: Nairobi’s Economic Capital

Westlands is located about 4 kilometres northwest of the Central Business District of Kenya’s only metropolis. The area was established as a residential district during the colonial times and while it has largely maintained this role, it has also diversified to include modern shopping plazas, schools, restaurants and bars. Westlands is one of the eight administrative divisions in the Nairobi. The other divisions are lavington, Kitisuru, Kangemi, Highridge, Kilimani and Parklands.

Due to an increase in the availability of space for both small and big businesses and its proximity to the CBD, the district’s economy has grown and is now considered to be one of Nairobi’s financial districts. In fact, some banks, consulates and multinational corporations prefer to have their headquarters in Westlands because it is well connected to other districts, and because it is near the CBD, yet far enough to offer more space.

A Wide Range of Apartments Available for Sale in Westlands

Furnished Apartment for Sale in Westlands

Many of the apartments for sale in this western part of Nairobi offer a blend of modern and conventional styles. They vary from spacious 2-4 bedroom properties, luxurious settings and penthouses. They are also conveniently located near bus stations, many of which are used by multiple matatu routes.

For those who own cars, the residential roads are generally up to standard and many apartments for sale offer ample parking with 24 hour security. Other services and amenities that are available in the long list of offers include housekeeping services, fitness studios and swimming pools.

So why would one want to buy rather than rent an apartment? Flats, like any other property investments, rapidly increase in value in just a few years. At the same time, owners get tax deductions on interests paid on loans which gives them an advantage.

As an investor, you will be risk and restriction free. Additionally, when you buy an apartment, you will not have to deal with landlords or property owners and thus have more discretion to do as you please. Moreover, apartments that are for sale in this area tend to be more spacious than those for rent.

Flats in this area are valued at between KSh 10 to 100 million,and many times, sellers adjust their asking price to accommodate different property seekers’ budgets. Several local residents have already bought and mortgaged apartments, thereby quelling the previous long lived fallacy that the suburb is too pricey.

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