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Commercial Property for Rent in Westlands Nairobi

Office Space for Rent in Westlands Nairobi

Soon after Kenya’s independence, many businesses migrated from the scarce and expensive office and retail spaces offered in the central business district (CBD) of Nairobi, to Westlands where commercial property was readily available and at much cheaper prices.

Westlands’ property market has since accelerated and is now occupied by numerous commercial developments, private and public institutions, offices and residential areas. Such properties are available within the area’s central section as well as on the outskirts e.g. along either side of Waiyaki Way and the Parklands border.

The commercial units available for rent in this western part of the capital city come in different shapes, sizes and embrace a wide range of traditional and modern architecture. They range from banking halls, food courts, storey offices and commercial maisonettes. If you would prefer to lease something less conspicuous, there are various apartments for rent in Westland Nairobi and houses turned office space for rent in Westland Nairobi also available.

Additionally, Westlands area is home to some of the largest ultra modern shopping centers in the city namely; The Sarit Centre, The Mall Westlands, and The Westgate Shopping Mall, all of which house numerous banks/ATMs, clothing stores, eating areas, supermarkets and movie theaters. Many of these centers stay open until late. This coupled with well-lit streets, gives the district an energetic buzz that goes on until late in the night.

Office for Rent in Westlands

A Favourable Investment Environment for Commercial Real Estate

When considering which commercial property to rent, be sure to take note of basic aspects such as plumbing, lighting, ventilation and electricity. Other important factors to consider include security i.e. availability of guards, fences or the main gate, and free or affordable parking space.

According to the Daily Nation, Westland's appearance and the skyline is constantly changing and living up to its reputation as Nairobi’s financial capital. This is attributed to high demand for development and a surge in construction of skyscrapers, which aim at maximizing the district's diminishing space. The office space in Westlands is also something to behold. This part of Nairobi houses some of the most modern and trendy spots in Kenya. The office space to let in Westlands is well sought after by both local and international business people.

The intense development is also attributed to a good investment environment that has been made favourable by both financiers and construction authorities. Overall, the district offers the possibility to work in an environment that is less crowded and highly maintained, especially when compared to the CBD and many other parts of the city.