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Westlands: Your Best Bet in Commercial Space Investment

Furnished Offices Available in Westlands

Westlands is touted as a prime location for businesses and companies. The area is conveniently located near (about 3 kilometres) the Central Business District (CBD), yet far enough to get away from the noise, traffic jams and congestion. This, coupled with a good road network and easy connection to other parts of the city, has attracted many regional and multinational companies, organizations, institutions and entertainment spots to the location.

In previous years, Westlands was mostly occupied by old colonial style residential houses. However, due to the massive exodus from the CBD, which was brought about by the search for cheaper commercial space, many of these houses were torn down and reconstructed into office spaces.

Other areas that experienced the same transformation are Upper Hill and Kilimani. Today, the Westlands area is characterised by high-rise buildings (as high as 20 floors and more), business complexes, luxury hotels and shopping malls. There are also several smaller shops, stalls and kiosks available.

Choosing which Office Space to Buy.

Commercial Space for Sale in Westlands

Westlands provides a variety of commercial space for sale. From open spaces, to office and hotel/ restaurant spaces, the properties available are sure to meet the needs of different interested buyers. Most of the spaces for sale are equipped with back-up generators, ample supply of water and parking spaces. The high-rise buildings have both stairs and elevators which makes it easier to go up and down, or ferry goods.

In terms of security, the buildings have 24 hour security guards both outside and at the reception, as well as alarm systems and CCTV cameras which are strategically installed at several points. These guarantee tight security within the business premises. Safety is also guaranteed with the provision of fire exit points and dry riser outlets in case of emergencies. In addition, many premises have in place disability friendly facilities such as ramps on the hallways and washrooms, making them more accommodative. Some buildings have also incorporated green facilities such as natural lighting to cut on the electricity bills.

When choosing which commercial property to buy, one also has the option of selecting between furnished offices, already partitioned spaces, or empty spaces. Several premises also offer intercom and internet connectivity, to feed the rising internet usage amongst the business community.

With regard to charges, commercial spaces for sale are measured and charged per square feet, and therefore a buyer is able to acquire only the space that is ideal for his/her business. Especially since businesses always aspire to have low operating costs. Business properties in Westlands can cost anything from as low as KSh 1.5 million, to as high as KSh 1 billion.

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