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Why it is Better to Rent a House in Nairobi Westlands?

Houses for Rent in Westlands

Homeownership is a lifelong dream for many. For those who are treading in that direction but are not there yet, renting presents itself as the most viable option to mortgage. Westlands is one of Nairobi’s leading districts in the provision of rental properties. Whether it is rental apartments, houses or commercial properties/ offices. This is mainly brought about by the area’s strategic positioning. Furthermore, it is believed to be one of the best attractions in Nairobi in terms of social and entertainment centers.

The multicultural suburb is ideal for anyone looking for affordable housing with striking street appeal, modern architectural designs and private gardens. When looking for houses to let in Nairobi Westlands, there is a plentiful supply of detached and semi- detached townhouses, bungalows and maisonettes on offer. The magnificent setup of the area has lured in several multinational businesses, which in turn have increased the neighbourhood’s niche as a regional hub for commercial and residential property. Just like other high valued uptown areas such as Runda, Gigiri, Rosslyn, Westlands is bound by stern zoning regulations. These strict rules are instilled by the county government to maintain the location's high standards of housing design, spacing and construction.

Furnished Houses Available in Westlands

The Benefits of Renting Over Buying a House in Westlands Nairobi

A typical 3 to 4 bedroom house to rent Westlands Nairobi is, as of 2015, priced as low as KSh 60,000 to as high as KSh 300,000. The wide span in the amount charged as rent is determined by the property’s description, location and proximity to social amenities. Many of the rental houses in Westlands for rent come with extra service facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds and gardens. Furnished or serviced houses tend to cost a little more compared to unfurnished homes.

Unlike houses for sale, rental homes present a better financial deal with regard to zero maintenance or service costs within the premises. These charges are usually covered in the lease contract that is signed by the landlord and tenant. Additionally, no major down payment is expected when moving in. Perhaps the most valuable edge that houses for rent offer over houses for sale, is that no real estate taxes are charged depending on the value of the house. This is usually a hefty financial budget for most home owners.

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