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Why you should Buy a House in Westlands Nairobi?

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Priding itself with a long history in both the luxury and semi – luxury property market, Westlands is rated as the ideal location for any resident, traveller, expat or potential home owner. The district’s large multicultural population, and exceptionally high pull and demand for elaborate housing, is largely attributed to good infrastructure, excellent social amenities and proximity to the Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

If you are looking to buy a house with a great curb appeal and amazing equity if acquired through mortgage, then you should definitely consider looking in Westlands. This is because despite the fluctuating prices of houses for sale in Kenya’s real estate industry, locations like Westlands have always managed to maintain the status quo and keep its properties’ value at a high level. The curb appeal is also nothing short of exceptional. The area has some of the best modern architectural designs for both residential and commercial property.

Westlands is governed by strict zoning regulations which has helped preserve its look and appeal. The bylaws, which are religiously effected by the local authority, regulate the number and type of houses, apartments and commercial developments. This ensures that only appropriate, in size, space and safety, constructions are carried out.

Owning a Home vs Renting Home in Westlands Nairobi

House for Sale in Westlands

Besides the long term value and investment potential, buying a house in this part of the city offers quite a number of benefits compared to buying an apartment. For example, in terms of fitting in with your lifestyle, purchasing a house makes it easier to maintain and renovate however you like without having to seek approval or risk subjection to legal reproach. At the same time, buying a house provides more privacy and serenity than apartments, as most have their own compound, playgrounds and even ample parking space.

Most of the homes for sale in Westlands are valued at between KSh 30 million to KSh 150 million, depending on the location and property description. A newly built home within that price range would be 3 to 4 bedroom, in most cases have 2-3 storeys with spacious rooms and tastefully finished. Many are located in areas that are well served by multiple public service vehicles, various businesses, markets, and are near education institutions, hospitals and banks.

With the recent introduction of low interest mortgages by the country’s central bank, right now would be an ideal time to invest in a home.

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