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The Battle for Land for Sale in Westlands Nairobi

Land for Sale in Westlands

Neighbouring Kilimani, Kileleshwa and Lavington lies this highly vibrant and delightful suburbia of Westlands, just a stone throw away from Nairobi’s Central Business District. The district is praised to be one of Nairobi’s best neighbourhoods with the most exceptional recreational and business centres. There are several prime social amenities adequately disseminated across the area.

Westland’s strategic positioning in Nairobi, and its great infrastructure within and around, has attracted a huge number of international blue chip organizations. These groups are looking to set up their regional nerve centers, commercial hubs, and various retail stores in the area. This, coupled with the already established medium upscale residential estates, has largely contributed to the location's multicultural population and highly coveted real estate sector.

For property seekers who come from neighbourhoods with strict zoning regulations like Gigiri, Runda or Rosslyn, expect no difference in Westlands. Although quite stringent, these regulations have helped maintain the area’s upscale niche and steadily improved its long term curb appeal.

In a district that has long been famed as an ideal residential and commercial area, land is steadily becoming a rare commodity due to the vast influx of developments taking place. Many real estate developers in Kenya are jostling to buy space to invest in houses, apartments and offices.

Deciding between Undeveloped or Developed Plots for Sale

Developed Land Available for Sale

Land for sale in Westland is available in two categories; namely, developed and undeveloped land. The former represents land that has already been utilized for residential, commercial or agricultural purposes. The latter refers to plots for sale in Nairobi that have not undergone any form of development, usually bare land. From a financial standpoint, buying undeveloped land makes more sense considering it represents unlimited potential as far as development goes. In addition, it is significantly cheaper and does not have as much restriction in terms of county bylaw procedures.

Developed plots on the other hand offer a ready-made investment solution as it is already established and lined with the proper systems to maintain it. An example would be a house for sale sitting on a 1 acre piece of land with elaborate infrastructure such as proper sewerage and water systems, electricity connection, and possibly a high proximity to facilities. However, most developed land for sale are controlled by zoning rules and many times, one can only use it for the purpose it was initially built for. This means, a house constructed as residential property cannot be used for commercial reasons.

Given the above, it is not really difficult to know what would be most ideal. It all depends on what you as a client are looking for. A typical undeveloped piece of 1 acre land for sale would in 2015 have an asking price of between KSh 25 million to around KSh 75 million. Established plots are a lot more expensive and would level at around KSh 150 million to as much as KSh 500 million. Depending on your pre-set factors and budget, you cannot miss to find land of your choice in Westlands.

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