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Jumia House

Jumia House has been keen over the past 5 years in addressing perennial issues of access to affordable properties for all Kenyans thorough working with various property developers as well as estate agents. The online Real Estate portal provides an infinite number of possibilities and opportunities to become an entrepreneur and grow your business. It is for this reason that we are planning the first ever Real Estate & Digitization Convention, the first of its kind in Africa.

The idea of the convention came as a result of identifying challenges presented by online businesses as well as identifying benchmark companies to emulate that are doing well in these industries. The convention will bring together different stakeholders with different diverse backgrounds and views which will help address present challenges as well as identify innovative ways to improve the Digitization in Real Estate. The event is scheduled to take place in the month of August 2018.


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What to look forward to:

  • An opportunity to interact with the top minds & captains in the industry.
  • You will be able to learn about new strategies and cutting-edge innovations.
  • Ways in which to stand out from industry-leading speakers.
  • Invest in the future of your staff by equipping them with the tools required to succeed.
  • Networking with like minded peers and discover new opportunities for collaboration.
  • A chance to visit one of Kenya’s top real estate developments.
  • Listen to Keynote Addresses from the top players in the Government and African Markets.

Who attends:

  • Speakers these are key influencers in the African market, chosen for their expertise in industry knowledge, experience and insight.
  • Exhibitors from leading Real Estate companies, who are there to network with delegates, showcase products and provide business solutions.
  • Delegates from the different sectors of the Real Estate industry such as; Developers, Agents while also cutting across allied companies such as Lawyers, Designers, Architects, Consultants, Government Officials, Banks, Contractors, Building Materials Specialists etc

Some of the topics to be covered:

  • The Current Digitization Trends in Africa and their Impacts on the Real Estate industry.

  • Effects of Smartphone Penetration in Regards to Purchasing Power.

  • Foreign Direct Investments in African Real Estate.

  • The Boom of Commercial Real Estate in Africa.

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